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Monthly Archives: January 2020

Furniture loan – Better finalized or personal?

The purchase of a new home or the desire to change the appearance of a property that is already owned can lead to the search for a loan for furniture. But are these viable solutions and above all can they guarantee the best solution for their objectives? Whether it is …

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How to avail the low interest loans.

A loan often enables a way out of hopeless financial situations or the opportunity to afford something without enough equity, such as a new car. The interest rate for such a loan is determined by the respective banks themselves based on the key interest rate. The key interest rate is …

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Foreign currency loans make sense as a real estate loan?

Real estate loans are now available at a very low interest rate, but some consumers are still looking for a way to save money on property financing in addition to the low interest rates. The choice is more and more often on a foreign currency loan. But is the foreign …

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