2766 Haats Rural Village generates Rs 17.13 lakh in 7 days

Jammu, November 6: Around 2,766 Village Rural Haats (VRH), established under the Jammu and Kashmir Rural Livelihood Mission (JKRLM) during the Back to Village-IVth (B2V4th) scheme, earned a whopping Rs. 17.13 lakh in sales in seven days.

Like other departments that were asked to complete the saturation of deliverables during the B2V4th program, the deliverables for JKRLM were to establish HRMs in every panchayat in the Union Territory. The JKRLM not only established the HRVs in each panchayat with the support of RDD, but these HRVs remained functional during the seven-day program. These HRVs will now remain functional.

HRVs also remained a point of attraction for every visiting officer and the general public during the fourth phase of the government program. Village Rural Haats were created by members of the Self Help Group (SHG) to show off their talent and sell their products. This then helped them bridge the gap between different stakeholders such as PRI and other operational departments.

This was the first time that SHG/JKRLM representatives were appreciated throughout UT and letters of appreciation were also provided to them by visiting officers during the fourth phase of the homecoming program. town.

Relevantly, the week-long government-public interface program – Back to Village 4 – beginning October 27 and ending November 3 – saw a massive response from SHGs promoted under the JKRLM with officers from different departments who contacted them at their doorsteps, listening to their problems and suggesting measures to further improve the effectiveness of social protection schemes in the rural landscape.

The visiting officers had interactions with the SHG women to get first-hand knowledge of their issues, challenges, issues and possible ways to resolve them at the earliest. They also discussed the specific economic potential of the villages and possible employment opportunities to further improve the living standards of the rural female workforce.

Among the key issues highlighted by SHG women during the B2V4 program were marketing and branding facilities for their products and imparting market-oriented training and knowledge to SHG members.

The Visiting Officers assured the SHGs of the administration’s full support to bring their products to UT’s established and thriving markets. They also discussed various aspects of JKRLM, including achievements.

The B2V4 program has provided a platform for SHGs to participate in Mahila Sabhas and special Gram Sabhas in Jan Abhiyan and B2V4. It is important to mention here that there are 5 lakh women associated with 67,000 self-help groups working with the constant support and guidance of JKRLM popularly known as UMEED in the Union Territory of Jammu- and Kashmir.

Dozens of female entrepreneurs associated with UMEED not only script their successes, but also motivate others to join the mission and rise out of poverty by becoming self-reliant and successful entrepreneurs.

Self-help groups have seen a drastic change in the past couple of months as JKRLM has done commendable work in the area of ​​female empowerment by implementing various female-centered initiatives.

To help rural women’s SHGs increase their skills and improve their livelihood opportunities, JKRLM, in collaboration with the Skills Development Department, has formed 4,268 self-help groups so far.

With the support of the Airports Authority of India, JKRLM enabled rural artisans and artisans to market their products through direct-to-consumer marketing platforms set up at Jammu and Srinagar airports. These outlets in the airports display products from the 20 districts and the initiative supports local art and artisans.

The launch of Oyo Homestays by UMEED under the “Crown of Incredible India” project was also another major achievement of JKRLM in recent months. Host families are supported entirely by women’s self-help groups. In the first phase, 75 SHG host families were onboarded with Oyo.

For the first time under the Har Ghar Tiaranga initiative, JKRLM also manufactured 3.74 lakh national flags and successfully delivered them to all J&K Deputy Commissioners.

Bringing the forgotten recipes of J&K to life, the first traditional food and nutrition festival “Aalaav” was also hosted by JKRLM at UMEED Women’s Haat. The three-day food festival showcased different traditional Kashmiri dishes prepared from local vegetables and other plant species.

There was a complete turnaround in the lives of SHG women through the efforts of JKRLM, as SHG members also operated the canteen of the Solina State Department of Revenue. It is also the first canteen of its kind operated by SHG members promoted under JKRLM in the State Department of Revenue. The SHG women who manage the canteen have been trained by the Indian Institute of Management by JKRLM.

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