Al-Shabaab militants destroy communication equipment in Kenya

Al-Shabaab militants destroy communication equipment in Kenya

MANDERA, Somalia – Al-Shabaab militants based in Somalia destroyed communications equipment in northeastern Kenya on Monday, a strategy typically used when the team prepares to carry out attacks on security agents in the area.

According to official reports, the militants uprooted communications equipment on Monday evening in Mandera County, located near the Kenya-Somalia border. This is the first major attack by militants in the country in as many months.

Security officials said they heard a loud bang in the area on Monday morning and when they checked, they determined the facility had been destroyed by a bomb planted by the militants, the report said.

After the incident, the attackers fled to Somalia as nearby security guards responded quickly to the attack. The number of attackers is not yet known but security officials believe that the militants could have been numerous given the nature of the attack.

North East Police Chief George Seda said they had deployed more police to pursue the attackers who escaped towards the border, the Star reported. There were no notable injuries, but officials said the telecommunications mast was destroyed.

Police officers in Kenya generally guard telecommunications masts in the northeast, given frequent destruction by Al-Shabaab militants. Previously, militants destroyed equipment to hamper communications in the area.

The terrorists also planted explosives on the roads used by the security agencies. More personnel have since been sent to the area and Border Patrol Unit operations have stepped up to tame the surge.

Kenya Defense Forces [KDF] troops based in the area are currently pursuing the militants to their hideouts, but reports indicate that they have since crossed into Somalia. There are nearly 3,500 KDF soldiers in the Horn of Africa country.


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