Arkansas, 11, wins USA Mullet Championship, donates winnings to foster family

JONESBORO, Ark. (KARK) – An 11-year-old boy from Arkansas has just been crowned Kids USA Mullet champion, and he now plans to use his prize to help other foster children.

Allan Baltz, 11, was one of 25 finalists in the children’s division of the competition. Earlier this week, it was announced that his switch won him over 25,000 votes – more than enough to win the title and the $ 2,500 prize.

This cash prize will now go to charities like Project Zero, a nonprofit organization with the goal of facilitating adoptions in Arkansas and beyond. But Allan’s generosity didn’t end there – his fundraising efforts also brought in thousands of additional dollars for the cause.

“As soon as he found out he had won he got up and took his calculator to add up all the donations that had been given, plus his cash prize, so he would know the total,” said his mother Lesli at KARK.

“I’m really excited for these foster kids,” Allan said.

Allan was in foster care himself. In 2015, he and his twin sister Alice were adopted by Jonesboro’s Derek and Lesli Baltz. Now he wants other kids to have the same chance.

“Mom told me a lot of people were like, ‘Please let your son do this’ and I was like ‘No’. But when I found out that there was money that I could win, I decided to give this money to host families, ”he told AY Mag after his victory.

“I was in foster care and I know how their hearts feel about not having a family, not having what they need like food and someone they can love.”

Allan was not the only competitor hoping to help others. Silver medalist Ezra Cramer, 7, from Alabama, used his newfound fame to raise money for an anti-harassment campaign.

“They are also raising a phenomenal boy,” Lesli said of Ezra’s parents.

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