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On Friday, an organization of people with disabilities held a free sports practice day for people of all skill levels and encouraged more locals to get involved and reach out. Solve Disability Solutions’ Recreational Development Coordinator Tim Marchinton said the event, held at Ken Kay Badminton Stadium, aimed to provide better access and inclusion for people with disabilities who s ‘are interested in sport and encourage community participation. “It’s a chance to be more active and to get out and meet other people in the community,” Marchinton said. “Everyone deserves to have a meaningful sport, hobby or leisure activity in their life.” The organization specializes in designing assistive devices in collaboration with occupational therapists and engineers, with funding from the National Disability Insurance Scheme, to help people with disabilities participate in the activities they enjoy. “We are very fortunate to be able to help people live the lives they dream of, despite a disability,” said Marchinton. IN OTHER NEWS The organization partners with Freedom Wheels, a group that creates bespoke bikes for people with disabilities with the ethics everyone deserves to ride. “What’s wonderful is that between the range of bikes and all the accessories that we have, we can build a bike for every kid, it’s really quite magical,” said Marchinton. “The parents pull back, wiping away tears of joy as they say, ‘I never thought my kid would ride a bike and look here they are.’ The free sports practice day included activities such as archery, wheelchair rugby, wheelchair badminton, and dancing and rolling. Mr Marchinton said the highlight of the event was witnessing the reactions of children trying new sports. “We had another little girl who said, ‘I win in life’,” Marchinton said. “It was a beautiful moment.”


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