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A man from BENDIGO who defrauded the National Disability Insurance Agency over $ 300,000 has been jailed for at least 16 months. Chief Justice Peter Kidd said Mitchell John Landry had “taken the opportunity to cheat the system” in his “not too sophisticated” offense. The 23-year-old, who pleaded guilty in March to defrauding and attempting to defraud the NDIA, was sentenced to three years in prison. After 16 months in detention, Landry will be released on a three-year good-behavior bond. Related: County Court heard Landry, owner of Mitchell’s Mowing and Property Services, received over $ 342,940.51 for bogus service bookings he made to NDIA in 2018. Landry also pleaded guilty of attempting to defraud NDIA by an additional amount of $ 156,338.42. Last month, the court heard that Landry had refunded the money to NDIA. Landry’s company initially provided legitimate services, for which he received payments from NDIA. But Landry continued to make fraudulent claims, including over 1,000 hours of work for one NSW client over an eight-month period and over 1,200 hours of work for another client in an overlapping time frame. . He accessed the accounts of 24 NDIS participants through his fraudulent actions. The court heard that Landry used the money he received from NDIA to buy a Mercedes Benz Sprint Van and several properties in the Bendigo area. In a victim impact statement, the mother of an NDIS participant said she now has problems trusting NDIS and worries it will happen again. Read more court: man jailed for “opportunistic but amateur” burglary north of Bendigo The woman said she was hyper vigilant about the services provided, after the money was illegally taken from her daughter’s plan. Defense attorney Charles Morgan presented a report from a clinical neuropsychologist last month, which showed Landry had a long-standing fixation with money. The report also noted that there was a causal link between Landry’s autism spectrum disorder diagnosis and his crime, although it is difficult to determine the extent of that link. Mr Morgan said the report also indicated that Landry’s disorder would make prison more onerous for him. In 2020, Landry pleaded guilty to fraud and obtaining property by deception, after defrauding the Transportation Accident Commission and Australia Post of thousands of dollars. Landry also pleaded guilty to criminal harassment, installation and maintenance of a device to record private activity, use of a device to record private activity and possession of child pornography, in connection with a separate case in early 2018. More to come. Our journalists work hard to provide local and up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can access our trusted content:



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