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Furniture loan – Better finalized or personal?

The purchase of a new home or the desire to change the appearance of a property that is already owned can lead to the search for a loan for furniture. But are these viable solutions and above all can they guarantee the best solution for their objectives? Whether it is …

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How to avail the low interest loans.

A loan often enables a way out of hopeless financial situations or the opportunity to afford something without enough equity, such as a new car. The interest rate for such a loan is determined by the respective banks themselves based on the key interest rate. The key interest rate is …

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Foreign currency loans make sense as a real estate loan?

Real estate loans are now available at a very low interest rate, but some consumers are still looking for a way to save money on property financing in addition to the low interest rates. The choice is more and more often on a foreign currency loan. But is the foreign …

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Loan for pensioners and seniors

The loan can help in an emergency Not every pensioner has the opportunity or the enthusiasm to improve their retirement by work and must rely solely on money from the state. Pensions in the Czech Republic hardly cover the necessary costs and seldom save seniors. When they need to buy …

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What is the difference between credit and loan?

It is perfectly normal that throughout our life we ​​need to resort to external financing on some occasion in order to cover some of our expenses. It can be to make an important outlay in a house or in a car, or something smaller like a trip to celebrate silver …

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