Clovis Community College Farmers Market

Students currently enrolled at Clovis Community College (CCC), as well as faculty, can shop for free fresh produce and fruit at the Clovis Community Farmers Market on Thursday, June 16 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The Farmer’s Market is free for students and faculty to ensure that the CCC community has access to fresh produce and fruit all year round while working and going to school.

Jessica Medina, CCC student success coach and farmer’s market organizer, said it serves to provide students and staff with a variety of resources while ensuring they have fresh food.

The Farmer’s Market is part of CCC’s “Basic Needs Initiatives” which encompass housing, transportation, childcare, access to health and mental health resources.

“Basic needs are something extremely important to us at Clovis Community College and we want to make sure our students have access to different resources so they can have [any of those] removed barriers that might hinder their success in their on-campus courses,” Medina said.

Through hosting events like the Farmers Market, Medina said CCC has been able to help students and faculty apply for CalFresh, connect them to community resources, as well as emergency or low-income housing. revenue.

Since the initial launch of the pilot farmer’s market in September 2021, Medina said they have gained footfall each time they have held their farmers’ market. Growing from an initial crowd of 50 to 60 attendees at the most recent Farmers Market, drawing a crowd of approximately 143.

“We will see what the summer will be like. Summer is a bit slower on campus, but we also still have students taking summer courses, faculty and staff on campus, so it may slow down a bit over the next two months, but we expect that in August, when school is back in session, it’ll likely increase again,” Medina said.

Food given to Farmers’ Market attendees is provided by the Central California Food Bank.

Medina said they received different types of products from the Central California Food Bank given to them for free so they could distribute the food on campus to students and faculty.

Some of the foods provided include apple slices, wonderful palm tea, oranges, as well as a wide variety of items available for students and staff.

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