Clovis Community College hosts Rocktoberfest to kick off the fall season

Clovis Community College hosted its annual Rocktoberfest event to kick off the fall season on October 13, 2021. (Sydney Morgan / Clovis Roundup)

Clovis Community College hosted its first Rocktoberfest since COVID-19 on Wednesday, October 13 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The college’s student activities department was unable to organize this event for two years due to the pandemic.

This annual event marks the start of fall and it’s an opportunity for staff and students to come together to listen to music, food and learn more about the clubs.

“I’m really excited to host this event, it’s good to be back here,” said Patrick Stumpf, Senior Program Specialist for Clovis Community College.

With only 20-30% students attending in-person classes this year, the size of the event was smaller than the usual layout.

“We can still be safe and enjoy the event, and at least [the students] know they are in a welcoming and fun environment, ”said Gurdeep Hebert, Dean of Student Services.

They were able to bring together clubs that had been virtual throughout the pandemic to fill booths for new or interested students wishing to get involved.

There were also several vendors to discuss their organization (s) with the participants.

For entertainment, they booked a live DJ, a food truck, and the Tutorial Center hosted its first catapult competition.

“It’s exciting and adds a new dimension to the event, and it gives something for students to look forward to and be a part of,” Stumpf said.

Together, students and faculty interested in STEM participated in the construction of a catapult where they competed against each other on the day of the event.

The competition consisted of three teams, two student teams and a faculty, each with its own catapult.

The rules for this competition were that the catapult couldn’t be more than 5 feet on either side, had to weigh less than 75 lbs, and had to use a weight or rubber band to launch.

“For someone who studies mechanical engineering, it’s always good to have this experience,” said Zachary Wilson, who won the competition. “Just gather some friends and have fun with it.”

The student activities department plans to carry the catapult competition into next year’s Rocktoberfest.

For more information on Rocktoberfest, you can contact the college at (559) 324-6400 or go to

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