CM resolves issues during Jandarshan Yatra from Jhirnaya to Bhikangaon

Bhikangaon (Madhya Pradesh): Under Jandarshan Yatra, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan toured from Jhirnaya to Bhikangaon. He announced many development works and assured that he will ensure the overall development of the area.

He said those who were excluded from the 2011 survey will be covered by Awas Plus Yojana so that they can enjoy the benefits of the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana.

He ordered the administration to distribute eligibility slips to people who do not receive wheat-rice salt at Re 1 per kilogram under the PM, CM Free Foodgrain Scheme.

He called on the villagers to get vaccinated against the coronavirus. In Chainpura, CM ordered the construction of drains. He asked NVDA to investigate the road connecting 14 villages. He announced Rs 25 lakh for the construction of Kharanja, Rs 20 lakh for the construction of Panchayat and Rs 10 lakh for the construction of a self-help group.

Chouhan approved Rs 20 lakh for the construction of Anganwadi and Rs 10 lakh for the construction of Panchayat at the request of the villagers of Abhapur. He declared the approval of Jhiranya Elevator Irrigation Program worth Rs 1,400 crore and distributed Ladli Laxmi Yojana’s certificates.

In Shivna, CM ordered officials to resolve teachers’ grievances, develop the Anganwadi building, resolve diet complaints, and distribute caste certificates to residents of the Gond community. Loan acceptance letters of Rs 12.28 lakh were given to the Didis mission in Aajeevika and Rs 25 lakh were sanctioned for the CC route.

He announced Rs 15 lakh for: the roads, the school perimeter wall, the roadblock and a new hostel for girls in the village of Goradia. He ordered to conduct an investigation for the manufacture of a filtration plant in Aparveda. CM announced the construction of culverts and roads in the village of Mohankhedi.

CM orders investigation against naib tehsildar

On complaint from Gram Panchayat’s secretary, CM ordered collector Anugrah P to launch an investigation against naib tehsildar Mamta Mimrot. The complainant alleged that Mimrot demanded a bribe for his work. Chouhan said he would not let anyone extort money from people. Additional Collector Surendrasinh Mujalda will investigate the matter and file a report with the Collector within three days. Mimrot was withdrawn from Bhikangaon and attached to Khargone headquarters.

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Posted on: Wednesday September 29th, 2021 01:21 AM IST

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