Cocoon production gives CG a unique identity across the country

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Chhattisgarh holds a leading position in the country in the production of cocoons and the emerging production of beautiful traditional silk fabrics which has given a unique identity to the state. Koriya district has also become one of the leading districts in terms of cocoa production in the state. It is worth mentioning here that Kosa fruits produced in Koriya district are supplied to Janjgir-Champa district of the state as well as Kosa cloth producing districts of West Bengal. A large number of women’s self-help groups are involved in Kosa fruit production in the district. Currently, 215 women are getting jobs in 15 clusters through this work. According to information received from the Silk Department, 19,17,344 lakh cocoons were produced in the district in 2021-22, while 14,89,581 Kosa cocoons were produced here. According to the officials, in 15 production centers in the district, the production of Kosa is done on 3.74 lakh plants grown on 127 hectares of land. Kosa fruits produced here are also sold for consumption in West Bengal. This year, 13,36,829 Kosa fruits worth Rs 16.91,641 were sold in West Bengal and Janjgir Champa.

The silk production work is done by 70 women from the Silk Women Self Help Group at Jampara Kosa Production Center in Baikunthpur Block. The women have so far made a net profit of Rs 3 lakh. Annapurna Singh, a member of a self-help group, said a huge amount of Tussar silk thread and 20 kg were produced by the group. He said 25 women were sent by the Silk Department to Janjgir Champa district for a week-long training in silk production. After proper training, the group started silk production work. She added that for silk production, they receive Rs 12 per egg bag from the silk department, which contains 200-300 eggs. These eggs are laid on the leaves of Arjun and Sal trees, in which silkworms emerge in 2-3 days, and in 40-45 days these worms form cocoons. Proper care is needed at the time of cocoon formation. Medicines are also sprayed from time to time. Spinning machines and Buniyar machines are also used to extract silk from cocoons.

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