Common COVID rebound; 2 children die after gene therapy; Over 10,000 cases of monkeypox

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COVID-19 rebound is “surprisingly common” even without Paxlovid, but could be more severe after treatment with the antiviral. (Nature)

A congressional committee has concluded that more than half a billion doses of COVID vaccine were wasted due to quality issues at Emergent BioSolution’s Baltimore production facility for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. (Terminal News)

Recently discovered in China, the Langya henipavirus could be the “tip of the iceberg” of pathogens transmissible from animals to humans. (CNN)

Novartis reported that two children with spinal muscular atrophy died after receiving the company’s Zolgensma gene therapy. (Reuters)

The AMA announced plans for an initiative to increase routine testing for HIV, sexually transmitted infections, hepatitis and tuberculosis.

The FDA announced that Becton Dickinson will recall certain components of its intraosseous infusion system to provide vascular access through bone to deliver treatment.

As of 8:00 a.m. EDT on Friday, the unofficial COVID-19 toll in the United States reached 92,719,699 cases and 1,036,325 deaths, increases of 157,522 and 776, respectively, since this time yesterday.

Human rights advocates are sounding the alarm over Canada’s permissive euthanasia laws, set to be expanded in 2023. (PA)

A Michigan federal judge has declared a mistrial after jurors said they were deadlocked over whether two engineering companies should be held liable for the lead-tainted water system in the town of Flint. (NPR)

More than 10,000 people have tested positive during the monkeypox outbreak in the United States as the CDC aims to contain the virus. (CBS News)

Gay writer calls on men to change sexual behavior as an ’empowerment act’ against growing monkeypox epidemic. (Washington Post)

Looming litigation over the carcinogenic potential of the antacid famotidine (Zantac) has contributed to falling stock prices for GlaxoSmithKline, Sanofi and Haleon. (Reuters)

The Delaware Department of Justice launched a hotline to provide free legal advice on abortion access and services. (PA)

Actress Anne Heche, seriously injured in a car accident last weekend, is not expected to survive, according to a statement from her family and friends. (CNN)

Along with the situation in parts of the United States, a severe drought in Europe is threatening water and food sources. (PA)

Meanwhile, California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) unveiled a new water plan based on the assumption that 10% less water will be available to the state. (Reuters)

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