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Pictured are tributes and memorials on display during a service on Saturday at First Covenant Church in Jamestown in honor of Alexis C. Hughan. The 15-year-old was killed in a traffic accident on New Years Eve. PJ Photos by Katrina Fuller

On Saturday Lexy Hughan did what few can do these days: she brought people together. She brought them together; they laughed together; they cried together; and they sent the message that she was and is truly loved.

A memorial service was held for Hughan at First Covenant Church in Jamestown after his tragic death on New Years Eve. Memories were shared, funny stories were told, songs sounded, and her creative and loving soul was honored. Reverend Adam Rohler presided over the service, offering words of comfort regarding Hughan’s life and memory.

“I didn’t really know Lexy, not like all of you” Rohler said of the 15-year-old. “Our paths crossed from time to time, but I didn’t know the details of his life. I had no idea how much her constant smile lit up the room, and I just learned of the existence of this beautiful soul who cared for everyone and everything around them with such passion as to others were rearranging their lives for her.

“This week I was able to listen to story after story of a musician, an artist, an amazing babysitter and an Odin fanatic. A girl and a friend… she was a camper at a music festival, she was a first aid worker and a champion of social justice. She was also a savior of stray cats.

Rohler said that these tales will survive, that all the fond memories and stories of his caring nature will continue to reside in the hearts of those close to him. He said she was a “Immature soul, but old” ready to sing, play, dance and create.

“I only heard about these things because I didn’t really know Lexy – not like all of you.” he said “What I do know is that this world needs more people like her. More people who live their lives to the fullest as long as they have life in them. More people who bring others together with their words. and their art, rather than separating people with hate, fear, violence and lies. More people who care about sanity rather than the richness of the outcome in this world. “

Rohler said that Hughan brought light to dark places. He said many feel her loss as she is no longer physically in this world.

“But, I suggest to you that even though Lexy’s body is gone, the kind of person she was, her spirit and her essence – it hasn’t gone, it’s still there.” he said. “She’s still there in spirit, and you’re still here.” So now we are all carrying on Lexy’s legacy by pursuing her passions. Anytime you do something she would do now, you can smile and remember her. In fact, from now on, we shouldn’t all stop smiling because I know she hasn’t stopped smiling.

Jamie Lee, instructor and friend of Infinity, paid a touching tribute to Hughan. She said she thought of the words “ice and snow” since the accident happened, but couldn’t figure out why. But then the realization came to him.

“Because in Alaska, there are tribes who have so many words for ice and snow” Lee said. “They have over 70 words for ice and over 50 words for snow. And we only have one word for love. I don’t understand it – because as I look around this room, and see everyone here… why don’t I have more than one word for love? Because there is the love of all these mothers here. There is the love of a father, of a mother-in-law, there is the love of her best friend, and the love of her classmates who have met her and have seen and witnessed her. the love she gave us. There is a love for the people she just smiled at. There is so much love that Lexy has passed on to each of us. She took people for who they are and she embraced them for everything they ever were.

Lee said she tried Google for other words for love, but none of them quite matched how she was feeling.

“Take that love you have for Lexy, whether it’s the love of a friend, the love of a teacher or a mentor or a mentee, the love of a mother, love from a father – take it with you ” she said.

Other friends and relatives paid tributes, explaining how Hughan cared about everyone, how she did amazing and outrageous things and, most importantly: how she lived her life to the fullest, truly embodying the phrase “Carpe Diem.”

Hughan’s close friend Leo shared how the duo sold high school lemonade in the bathroom on the third floor. Their motto, Leo said, was “Bring your own mug, we’ll hook you up.” “ The next day, the couple discovered that the bathroom door was locked. Leo drily noticed that they had never understood why this had happened.

“I never really felt the love I have for her and the love I will continue to feel for someone else” said Leo. “Honestly, I don’t think I really understood what love was before her. I don’t know if it was something about her or just her as a whole, but I will be infinitely grateful for everything she taught me and everything she taught me. in general. There are no words to describe how lucky I was to live so much with her and I wouldn’t have preferred someone else to be by my side for the past few years. I love you, mate.

Rohler closed the service with a final blessing.

“Peace be with you, and when there is no reason for peace, may you find it anyway” he said. “May solace come to you from unexpected places. May joy be born when you cry and love abounds, surrounds you and even confuses you in its beauty and power in the days to come.

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