Community comes together to send Valentine’s Day cards to local children’s shelter

RUPERT, WV (WVNS) – Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, and a Greenbrier County children’s shelter has organized something special for its children.

The Greenbrier Valley Children’s Home in Rupert is home to twelve children, ages 7 to 18. They posted a post on Facebook on February 5, asking for help from the community.

They wanted to do something special for the kids at the shelter, many of whom don’t get Valentine’s Day cards. So they asked members of the community and online to send cards and candy for the kids.

The outpouring of responses shocked shelter supervisor Davina Aggee.

“I’ve had message after message after message on Facebook about people wanting to send things, home classes doing crafts to send, I know there’s more to come,” Aggee said. .

Aggee said they had to bring a bag to the post office because they got letters from all over the state and the country.

“We know we have stuff that’s come all the way to Texas, South Carolina, Ohio, Virginia, so stuff is coming in from all over and it’s been a real blessing,” Aggee said.

Aggee said they received more cards than they knew what to do with.

They are open to further donations, which they will give to the other eight houses in their organization across the state.

Aggee said she couldn’t decide what warmed her heart more during mating season, the looks on the children’s faces when they received the cards, or knowing that community members wanted these children to feel loved.

“We are raising a generation of children here that we sometimes feel forgotten about and so to see so many people taking time out of their day to do something to care for these children and show them that they are not forgotten and that they are taken care of. means a lot to these staff,” Aggee said.

Anyone who wants to send something to the shelter can find their address on their website.

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