Community organization calls on Mayor Adams to rework his plan to end gun violence

A community organization has submitted a signing letter demanding that Mayor Eric Adams rework his plan to end gun violence.

The letter from “Communities United for Police Reform” includes signatures from other community organizations in each borough. He says the plan will unfairly target communities of color.

The letter specifically calls on the mayor to address violence using real public health solutions through community investments and opposes expanding policing.

News 12 spoke with Mark Winston-Griffith, the executive director of the Brooklyn Movement Center.

“It could end this continued expansion of surveillance of black and Latino colored communities, and the use of what we consider to be very dangerous surveillance technology,” he said. “And what I think is a particularly easy fruit to bear is that a lot of us have made progress, or at least are trying to make progress on things like cash bail.”

News 12 contacted the mayor’s office for comment. A spokesperson said, “Mayor Adams has made it clear that public safety is his top priority. We can all agree that security and justice are not mutually exclusive and must go hand in hand.

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