Dear Annie: Self-imposed phone break creates space for a bright and organized life

Dear Annie: I made the decision to put my phone down for a while, and the results were wonderful.

Today was my “authorized” day to pick up my phone. I had given myself a three day restriction, and today was day four. During these three days, I only answered my father’s call. He’s 86 and I don’t want to miss a minute of his time with us. But that’s all I allowed myself to do.

I can’t believe how well I did in my tiny apartment. Everything is brilliant and organized again.

I will follow this rule every week. I think it’s the best idea I’ve ever had, and it’s good to see others have come to the same conclusion.

I have a great movie waiting for me, so I’m putting this phone down to enjoy my time. – Feel free again

Dear Feeling Free Again: When we say no to certain behaviors, we are saying yes and opening the door to other positive behaviors. Thanks for sharing your experience.

Dear Annie: I was in an abusive and controlling marriage when my children were little, and I couldn’t leave until they created their own lives. I am finally out of this marriage, after 37 years, thank goodness!

While I have found my way out, my problem is how to best move forward – create my own life away from it. Sometimes I feel lonely and scared, and sometimes I wonder if I’ll be able to cope on my own.

I know that’s how he made me feel – like there was nothing I could do for myself – and he destroyed so many relationships in my life. He turned so many people against me. He did it with lies and by making people believe.

I finally realized he was a narcissist who was very cunning and always cheated on me. Please see if you can support me and advise me to never let this person deceive me with their lies ever again. Thank you. – Married to a narcissist

Dear newlyweds:. There are support groups you could join that would help you recover from the abuse you suffered from your husband. Search for

The best thing is that you are far from its toxicity which can only leave you feeling exhausted and empty. It’s time to rebuild the pieces of your self-esteem that it spent years destroying. Allow others, such as a good therapist or members of a support group, to help put these pieces back in place.

Dear Annie: I just want to put this over there. I am a 63 year old female. I was bullied at school for no reason. I’ve never been the type to hit back or say anything, and after all these years, it still bothers me. I was afraid to tell my parents what I was going through. I taught my children to come see me if they were treated like that at school. Please, parents, question your children; ask them if everything was going well at school. Bullying Isn’t Right At Any Age! – I still have scars

Dear Scars: I’m sorry you had to endure harassment. You are right that the scars persist. I hope that with the help of a good therapist, you can heal some of this past injury so that you can be free from the pain.

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