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COCHRANTON – Traces of yellow and orange have started to appear on the trees, an unofficial announcement that fall is upon us. This annual event will soon reflect the magnificent transformation of the landscape. Few of us are not eager to enjoy these customs associated with the fall harvest. Before we begin this season of homecoming, pumpkin and apple parties and celebrating “All Hallows’ Eve”, we want to focus one last time on last summer.

On behalf of the Borough of Cochranton and the CARE (Cochranton Area Redevelopment Effort) committee, we are pleased to welcome the residents of Adams Place. We had the chance to meet many of you during the inauguration ceremonies and we look forward to seeing you participate in the many annual activities that take place in this community. The CARE group would like to thank everyone who participated and donated to the “Taste of Cochranton” event, Poker Paddle and the annual golf outing.

Funds were also generated through the summer flea market, contributions from local businesses and donor generosity through the Crawford Gives campaign. All of these events combined have raised over $ 10,000, which will be used to make improvements to Lions Community Park and are committed to the construction of a new home fair center at Cochranton Exhibition Center. . We may have been reunited to support town improvements, but we found the best benefit was bringing the community together again. It was once again a pleasure to have the opportunity to get together and visit friends and neighbors.

There is no doubt that the most important asset of the Cochranton community is: the people. Through all the trials and tribulations of the past year, this summer’s activities have rekindled that community spirit that reminds us why this is the place we are all proud to call home.

We love to remember the good old days. We remember when we thought everything was moving a little slower, the prices were fairer, people were closer and everyone got along. We have had problems in the past, but this latest crisis has left us unsettled. We have become suspicious of what to do next.

Your presence or participation in one of the summer activities signaled a common vision that we can once again return to these popular events of our past. We have found that many of you still have this ‘roll up your sleeves’ mentality; people were ready to volunteer their time and support last summer’s projects. Many even admitted to appreciating the experience and asked to be reminded when the next project could use their help.

Turn off the television, get off the couch and stroll through the community as Mother Nature re-colors the scenery this fall. Experience what is going on in the community and you might come across a project that could use your special talents and, by chance, you might meet some unique people, your neighbors.

Great things are happening here!

Susan Armburger is President of the Cochranton Region Public Library and Director of the Cochranton Borough. Mark Roche is Mayor of Cochranton, community historian and local businessman.

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