Everything about visiting the Mexican HIV orphanage Armando & Kenneth

Armando and Kenneth are planning to adopt a child from Eunime orphanage in Tijuana and their GoFundMe has already raised over $ 13,000.

At 90 day fiancé: the other way, Kenneth Niedermeier and Armando Rubio melted the hearts of fans when they visited the Eunime Orphanage in Tijuana, and many want to know more about this inspiring organization. The orphanage cares for children with HIV, and Armando and Kenny have become very passionate about supporting the organization. Even if the fan favorite couple don’t decide to adopt a child from the orphanage, they will still have love in their hearts for these children.

Fans of 90 day fiancé I love Kenneth and Armando, as well as Armando’s adorable daughter, Hannah, and in this season of The other side, the trio formed a very happy family. In this season of The other side, Armando and Kenneth are talking about having a baby. Kenneth is reluctant to take responsibility for another child his age, and he leans more towards adoption if they decide to expand their family. So Armando and Kenneth decided to visit an orphanage with HIV positive children who need a home.

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It was a heartwarming moment when the couple met the children, and it is inspiring to see an organization focused on providing care and love to children who need it so much. According to its website, the Eunime orphanage was founded by Juana Ortiz Quezada and her sister Rosalva to “provide comprehensive care to orphaned and abandoned children and adolescents affected by HIV / AIDS.“The disease is still very stigmatized, which can have an impact on the care these children receive. Kenneth and Armando were as touched by the orphanage’s mission as the viewers and played an active role in supporting it.

Founders Juana and Rosalva came up with the idea of ​​creating the orphanage because of their little sister Eunice, who was HIV positive when she was 6 months old. Without much knowledge of the disease or proper care, Eunice died at the age of 4. In honor of Eunice, Juana and Rosalva are dedicated to lifting the stigma surrounding the disease and ensuring children are well informed about proper care. The founders say to the children: “In each of us there is a good king and a bad king. And in order for the good king to be always strong, the child must take the potion all the time.This helps children understand the importance of taking their medication and taking care of themselves.

Kenneth and Armando feel a personal connection to the orphanage and its message and have been compelled to support the orphanage however they can. The couple created a new GoFundMe page to raise funds for the orphanage. Kenneth and Armando’s fundraising so far has surpassed their original goal of $ 10,000 and they have currently raised over $ 13,000. They have now increased their target goal to $ 15,000 and are approaching that milestone as well. Kenneth said on the show that he was particularly drawn to the orphanage because of the number of friends he lost as disease ravaged the gay community in the ’80s, so it makes sense that he wants to help.

Just when you think Kenneth and Armando could no longer be loved by viewers of 90 day fiancé: the other way, they find an incredibly worthy organization to support. Obviously, Kenneth and Armando’s promotion of the Eunime Orphanage has helped tremendously, and the overwhelming response to their fundraising efforts shows how much people care about these children. It’s a good thing Kenneth and Armando did, and fans would expect no less of them.

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Source: GoFundMe, One Children’s Foundation, Eunime.org

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