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LUCKNOW: Ready for launch on Saturday, along 296 km Bundelkhand Highway will be the sixth e-way in Uttar Pradesh. Dedicated to the people by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at an official ceremony in Orai, the highway promises to change the fate of people in the region notorious for backwardness, poverty and migration.

Amid the hectic preparations and final touches of the program, TOI takes a look at some of its striking features. Continue reading.

The fastest built highway in the state
The Bundelkhand The highway was built in a record 28 months, making it the fastest highway in the state. Compared to this, the Purvanchal and Agra-Lucknow highways were built in 36 months. Officials pointed out that while the Purvanchal highway was built on time, the Agra-Lucknow was delayed by 14 months from schedule. They said the completion deadline was met despite the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic.
Built 12.7% cheaper than expected
Built at an estimated cost of Rs 14,849. 09 crore, Bundelkhand highway cost 12.7% less than expected. The reduced cost resulted in a saving of over Rs 1,132 crore for the ex-state check. Credit for savings is awarded against a tender for the construction of the project. Officials said 17 players participated in the bidding for the construction of the highway.
Will save water and promote greenery
Officials said that following the recommendation of the groundwater department, provisions for water conservation have been made along the entire length and width of the highway. For this, rainwater har-
acquisition pits were built 500 meters along the entire section of the highway. The highways will also promote greenery along its route. The planting of more than seven lakh saplings has been planned. Reviewing the progress of the highway, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath directed officials to use plants that reduce highway pollution. He also said that women from self-help groups should be hired for plantation work. Instructions for the use of medicinal plants for planting were also given. UPEIDA has already written to the State Department of Forestry and Environment in this regard.
Security intact
Officials pointed out that while on the one hand, four public convenience complexes and fuel filling stations will soon be established to provide all necessary services to commuters, provisions have been made for their safety. Police patrols, livestock scavenger vehicles and forward survival ambulances will remain deployed for the safety of highway users. In addition, efforts are made to operate the advanced traffic management system to ensure that people drive safely.
Possible future extension
Considering futuristic needs, the highway could be extended to six lanes. Currently, the highway is four lanes, but in the future it may be extended to six lanes. This is in addition to a 3.75 meter wide service road which has been constructed on one side of the staggered highway to facilitate residents of nearby villages. The overall structure crosses four railway bridges and includes 14 major bridges, six toll plazas, seven ramp plazas, 286 minor bridges, 19 skybridges, and 224 underpasses.
Will serve as a development core
Two nodes of the UP-Defense Corridor fall along the Bundelkhand Highway and industry experts are of the opinion that in the days to come it will act as a lifeline for commercial activity in the region. UPEIDA officials said the starting point of the highway is in Chitrakoot district where about 103 hectares of land have been identified for the defense corridor. In addition to this, efforts have started for the construction of industrial corridors in Banda and Jalaun districts while the consultancy agency for industrial development along the highway has been selected. It will also serve as a catalyst for the establishment of the loom industry, food processing units, storage plants, mandi and milk-based industries.
Boost tourism
Home to several interesting tourist attractions, the Bundelkhand highway will help boost tourism in the region. The government has already instructed the state tourism department to draw up a detailed plan for the development of tourism in the region. During the initial exercise conducted, a comprehensive package including caves, forts, opportunities for ecotourism and adventure sports surfaced. Additionally, Bundelkhand’s neighborhoods offer many options for genres such as history and heritage, religion, countryside, adventure sports, and ecotourism. Some examples include Chitrakoot, where the Ram-Lakshman-Sita trio spent 11.5 years of their exile and the Lalitpur caves which are also known as mini Ellora.

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