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Cancer sucks. This not only puts a strain on the body, but also on emotions, family and wallet. Sadly, a resident of Fairview has seen this tension up close and is asking the community for help. In turn, he plans to continue helping others.

Jeff Beck has a long history with the disease. In 1996, his wife, Valérie, fell ill and a team of five doctors in a hospital were trying to figure out what was happening to her. They put her in an induced coma for two weeks to try and slow the progression of her disease, eventually discovering it to be a rare form of brain cancer. Shortly after the discovery and a series of treatments, they sent her home with a hospice, estimating that she would live six to eight weeks longer.

“I started studying on my own,” Beck said, noting that he had started to implement a generally healthier lifestyle for his wife with a new diet, herbal teas, vitamins and supplements. , more natural and non-toxic cleaning products, etc. “She lived almost 25 years longer.”

She died in August of last year, a cancer survivor.

However, the past 25 years have not been easy. At the time of his wife’s diagnosis, the couple had three children under the age of 4, and Beck said that despite his wife surviving cancer, the many treatments to her brain and body (chemotherapy, radiation therapy, etc.) have taken their toll. .

“She ended up disabled, and she wasn’t the same anymore,” he said.

In the thick of it, he said there would be times when he would have to stop on his way to work, unable to see through his tears.

“It was difficult because I was trying to work and keep my job full time. I was trying to see my wife in the hospital. I was trying to follow my three children, keep them in daycare and sleep at night, ”he said.

The community of Fairview was very supportive of Beck during this time, not only raising a fund for the family, but a few Girl Scouts and their mother occasionally came to watch the children and help around the house. The community even paid for a family vacation to Florida.

Additionally, he said his love for his three children was the reason he was able to go through what seemed like insurmountable hardships.

But despite all the help, the bills continued to pile up and after two years of battling the bank, the family lost their home. Today Beck lives in an apartment with one of his older children – the other two live alone.

“I haven’t been able to get a new house,” he said. “I walk past and watch it every now and then, but I can’t dwell on the past.

Since Beck helped his wife implement some lifestyle changes, he’s been doing the same for others battling cancer as a health coach, noting that he recommends that they seek medical treatment with their doctor in addition to these lifestyle changes.

He also sells various types of life insurance with Symmetry Financial Group including mortgage protection, critical illness insurance, disability insurance and more, knowing how sudden illness can affect one’s financial situation. a person.

He even acted as a companion to those battling cancer, noting that he laughed and cried with some of those he worked with.

Things took a turn for the worse for Beck when he was diagnosed with an “aggressive and advanced” form of prostate cancer in 2014. After surgery and other treatments, some through the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, we told him he had “no signs of cancer.” By July 2015.

However, since January (just a few months after losing her mother to lung cancer), Beck’s cancer has returned. It has spread to his bones and he faces the possibility of two separate cancer diagnoses.

He continues to receive medical treatment and maintain healthy eating habits, but expenses are increasing. He explained that each injection he gets from the doctor costs $ 1,200 out of pocket, and healthy eating isn’t always cheap, either.

“It’s not cheap to buy good food,” he said. “You can buy Coke for 99 cents and a good bottle of water costs you $ 2.50. “

Beck has started a GoFundMe page, asking the community to support him while he pays for his medical treatments and other expenses.

“Right now they’re just trying to keep me alive longer, but I want that to go away,” he said.

Visit Beck’s GoFundMe page at www.bit.ly/supportjeffbeck.

“With some of the money I get… I will be able to help myself and help more people,” he said.

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