Family and community leaders seek justice after Kansas grandmother dies in shooting

KANSAS CITY, Kansas (WDAF) – On Christmas Eve in Kansas City, Kansas City police said an 85-year-old grandmother was killed in a shot in car while sitting at home with her husband.

Patricia Panijan was watching TV in the living room when a car drove past her house and opened fire insanely.

On Monday, family, friends, community leaders and relatives of Panijan held a vigil calling for answers and justice. She was planning to spend Christmas with her family but didn’t get the chance. She was killed on her half-birthday.

Mayor Tyrone Garner introduced himself and spoke with Panijan’s family. He didn’t mince words and said the people who did this to him were terrorists. KCK Police Chief Carl Oakman said they plan to locate them and bring them to justice.

“She certainly didn’t deserve this,” said Austin Mispagel, Panijan’s grandson.

“It is such a strange event that she gets shot in her house in this block and in this community,” said her daughter, Gina Dorough.

Panijan’s husband was also shot dead but was only grazed with. He is recovering and now a widower. Her grandsons say they woke up on Christmas morning in shock to learn that Grandmother Patricia was gone.

“She was always there for us during the holidays. Always cooking while on vacation. Always there for us, ”said Austin Mispagel.

“She was the kindest, most loving grandmother there was,” said Dalton Mispagel.

Garner said they would not tolerate such violence in his community.

“Who could be next?” That is why it is so important to get these terrorists off our streets. I stick to that. I’m not ashamed to say it, and I will continue to say it, ”Garner said.

Police chief Carl Oakman said detectives worked on the case until Christmas. He says they won’t stop looking until they find who killed this beloved grandmother for no reason.

“We are coming for you. It might not be tomorrow, it might not be next week, but we’ll find you, ”Oakman said.

Oakman said the Panijan family deserved justice.

“I just want them to find who did this and hold them accountable for their actions,” said Dalton Mispagel.

“Mom, you will always be with me. Always, ”Dorough said.

Police did not disclose suspicious information or details about the car involved in the homicide.

Police say they need help finding leads in this case and are asking people to call the TIPS hotline for any information. You can reach them at 816-474-8477. You can remain anonymous and there is a reward for advice leading to a conviction.

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