FatManTerra Educates the Community About Crypto Scams by Creating a Fake Investment Scheme

Crypto Influencer FatManTerra refunded over $100,000 received from crypto users seeking to subscribe to his “fabricated” investment plan which was a cover to send an educational message to the community about crypto scams.

FatMan took Twitter deceive his supporters by offering them a bogus investment plan. He wanted to gauge their response to crypto investment scams.

Within 2 hours of sharing the opportunity, he had received over $100,000 from users who fell for it. He collected 3.45 BTC from users on Twitter and 2 BTC from his Discord community.

FatMan refunded the money and noted that his intention was to teach the crypto community to be wary of influencers promising opportunities that are too good to be true.

FatMan’s approach to campaigning against investment scams reiterates the age-old warning to crypto investors:

“There is no free launch in crypto, if you don’t understand where the yield is coming from, you are the yield”

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