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NAIROBI, Kenya, November 27 – The national rugby sevens team posted a dismal performance in the opening of the 2021/22 HSBC World Rugby Series season after finishing 8th.

Shujaa, who has only won one of the six games they’ve played, has collected 10 points and will be looking to bounce back in the upcoming tournament in Dubai.

Earlier, Innocent Simiyu’s charges dropped to 7th place overall after being knocked out by Great Britain 33-7.

Australia won 35-21 for 5th place.

Against Great Britain it was not a good performance for the Kenyan side who were dominated despite the Brits getting their money’s worth in the hotly contested first half which ended 7-5 in favor of Great Britain.

The second half belonged to Great Britain who scored three quick tries to seal the game.

Kenya were relegated to 5th place in the semi-finals after losing 19-5 to two-time Olympic champions Fiji in the Cup quarter-finals.

Kenya got off to a good start in the first half, dominating the first four minutes, with their physique to surround a relatively new Fijian side in their zone.

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This forced the Fijians who had 11 rookies to make schoolboy mistakes which Shujaa maximized to shoot first blood thanks to Herman Humwa who passed after receiving a penalty at close range, but the conversion was missed to take a lead 5-0.

However, a minute later, Fiji hit back after Kenya was penalized, seeing the Fijians take a quick line-up and head to the try line with a converted try and take a two-point lead.

They extend their lead after taking advantage of Kenya’s mistakes when Jeff Oluoch, who had the opportunity to score from close range, missed the opportunity when he missed his kick to see Fiji break through the open field, dismissing Kenyan defenders to point to the convert try, taking a 14-5 lead at halftime.

Returning for the final half, Innocent Simiyu’s charges failed to match the Fijians who regained their pace and they scored the only try in the second stanza of a lineout after a penalty kick was taken. granted to the blackout to take a 14-point lead and hang in there to win the game and advance to the semi-finals for the first time since 2018 and he will face Mike Friday’s USA.

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“I’ll Never Forget It:” Community Gives Free Thanksgiving Meal for Everson Flood Victims https://wankanyaklaselfhelpgroup.com/ill-never-forget-it-community-gives-free-thanksgiving-meal-for-everson-flood-victims/ Fri, 26 Nov 2021 06:47:19 +0000 https://wankanyaklaselfhelpgroup.com/ill-never-forget-it-community-gives-free-thanksgiving-meal-for-everson-flood-victims/

On Thursday, residents of Everson gathered to provide food and community for flood victims.

After historic flooding that ravaged Whatcom County, many people are forced to celebrate Thanksgiving not the way they planned, or unable to celebrate the holiday at all.

“Help them realize that there is going to be a light at the end of the tunnel,” said Karley Stremler

Stremler helped organize a massive community event, where volunteers cooked a Thanksgiving meal and served those affected by the flooding.

The event took place at the Smokestack Diner from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. and fed hundreds of people for free.

RELATED: Whatcom Co. community comes together to help clean up flood damage

“There is so much more than food going on today,” said Kari Gardner, owner of Smokestack Diner.

For people like Scott McLennan and his family, it gave them something to be thankful for at a time that was difficult.

“People have come together. It’s a whole community. Really. People ready to help. They’re from all over, even from Bellingham, and they’re right here. It’s really heartwarming,” he said. .

McLennan says his house was damaged by the flooding. He says he will always be remembered for the kindness of his community who took the time to provide a meal for families like his on Thanksgiving.

In addition to feeding the community on site, the drivers delivered meals to locals working in their homes, who did not have time to eat at the restaurant.

Organizers also donated socks and other resources to those affected by the floods.

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Jon Turk’s latest book explores Kenya and the big questions – the Free Press https://wankanyaklaselfhelpgroup.com/jon-turks-latest-book-explores-kenya-and-the-big-questions-the-free-press/ Thu, 25 Nov 2021 21:30:00 +0000 https://wankanyaklaselfhelpgroup.com/jon-turks-latest-book-explores-kenya-and-the-big-questions-the-free-press/

Jon Turk began to realize that he had a book in his hands when a village chief of Samburu handed him a club and asked him if he knew how to neutralize a charging lion.

He has published a book on the experience and more in Tracking Lions, Myth, and Wilderness in Samburu. It was published by Rocky Mountain Books on September 26. Her first traditional book launch event took place on October 28 at the Fernie Seniors Center. He lives in Montana, but has spent about 28 winters in Fernie.

Turk, who has a long experience as an adventurer, was part of the Samburu people of Kenya in August 2017 after agreeing to participate in a scientific expedition to the region.

He didn’t realize when he agreed to join the trip that it would end up relating so well to a question he had been pondering for some time: how to solve problems like “global warming, l ‘population explosion and water scarcity’ via what he calls a ‘revolution of consciousness’. Such a revolution occurred around 70,000 years ago among our Homo sapiens ancestors and helped them overcome near extinction, he said.

The common understanding, Turk said, is that it was the use of tools that gave humans the vanguard for survival. He disputes this point of view.

“The story, taken from modern archeology, is that what happened first was art. It was symbolism. It was thinking about things that didn’t exist. It was cooperation, it was dance, it was music.

This awareness and cultural revolution, he said, is what gave our Stone Age ancestors the will to survive.

Turk’s book tackles this larger question, weaving it into the narrative that unfolded during his month in Kenya.

“I actually went through 70,000 years of evolution in a month,” Turk said.

The start of this accelerated evolutionary journey began when the village chief handed him the club to use in defense against a lion.

“And now I walk in the heat of the savannah during the day, the tracks are very cool, there is a lion there. I have a wooden club. And first, I get angry, ”he said. There were guns and machetes around. The club looked like a joke.

But he soon realized that anger wouldn’t help him get through the day.

“I have to reach another state of consciousness to survive.”

He and his companions came across a cow that had been eaten by the lion. They followed the leads. Then they found an even fresher death: a warthog. Turk had to move from a mentality of anger and fear to a mentality of “full vigilance” and “full presence”.

They never found the lion and Turk was never able to use the club. But he came across the first narrative element that would make his idea for a book a reality.

After that day, things calmed down. He spent time living and experiencing the cultural life of the Samburu people.

But he didn’t stay calm for long. There was an election in Nairobi. Things started to get dangerous again.

“Suddenly guns start popping up, and the friendly old night guard is replaced by a warrior with an AK47 and cross-cartridge belts and all that.”

He was suddenly faced with a more modern problem: storytelling being used to fuel the war between the groups.

He began to think about the fact that he might end up dying for no good reason. He wondered what potential attackers would have against him. And then he realized that they had stories in their heads about him. He was a symbol.

Turk’s book was then completed. The same storytelling tendency that he said was used in the Stone Age to unite people and empower them was now being used to create evil, he said.

It was too dangerous to leave the village by the regular road. The way back was from a nearby airstrip. He paid $ 300 to get on the plane for trouble.

Turk’s time in Kenya gave him the narrative and broad view of human history that solidified his book.

“Once you see and step back from the great flow of human history, you can see our strengths and weaknesses,” he said.

The agricultural, industrial and computer revolutions have taken us far in many ways, Turk said, but also caused us serious problems. We are back to where we were 70,000 years ago in terms of needing to find a solution to survive, he said.

“And I call this new solution the revolution of consciousness, where we have to go back to the fundamental ideas of love, community, cooperation and oneness, and get rid of those 21st century stories that twist our minds. . “

Tracking Lions, Myth, and Wilderness in Samburu is Turk’s latest book. It has two ratings on Amazon, both five stars.

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WHO 2021 report on HIV drug resistance released https://wankanyaklaselfhelpgroup.com/who-2021-report-on-hiv-drug-resistance-released/ Thu, 25 Nov 2021 07:11:47 +0000 https://wankanyaklaselfhelpgroup.com/who-2021-report-on-hiv-drug-resistance-released/

WHO’s latest report on HIV drug resistance gives a detailed picture of the extent of the growth in drug resistance and the steps countries are taking to ensure people receive effective drugs to treat and prevent HIV.

The report found that by 2020, 64% of target countries (countries with a high burden of HIV infection) had national action plans to prevent, monitor and respond to HIV drug resistance. These plans build on the Global HIV Drug Resistance Action Plan 2017-2021, a multi-stakeholder plan coordinated and published by WHO.

WHO encourages countries to monitor resistance and recommends that for people starting antiretroviral (ARV) drugs, anti-HIV drug resistance (PDR) is called pretreatment. WHO recommends that when the PDR to non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NNRTIs) such as nevirapine and efavirenz reaches a threshold of 10% for a study country, first-line anti-HIV therapy should be switched d emergency with a treatment regimen containing more robust dolutegravir. .

This report indicates that a growing number of countries are reaching the 10% resistance to ROP antiretroviral drugs against NNRTIs and that people who have been exposed to antiretroviral drugs are three times more likely to develop resistance to NNRTIs. the NNRTI drug class. These results underscore the need to accelerate the transition to treatment regimens containing dolutegravir in countries that continue to use NNRTI-based antiretroviral therapy.

Based on the most recent results from surveys in 10 countries in sub-Saharan Africa, nearly half of infants newly diagnosed with HIV have drug-resistant HIV before starting treatment. These results highlight the need to accelerate the current transition and the importance of using antiretroviral therapy with dolutegravir as early as possible in young children.

Since 2019, WHO recommends the use of dolutegravir as first and second-line treatment preferably for all population groups. It is more effective, easier to take, and has fewer side effects than other drugs currently in use. Dolutegravir also has a high genetic barrier to the development of drug resistance, thus supporting its durability and long-term effectiveness. Since the implementation of the surveys, many other countries have started to transition to treatment regimens containing dolutegravir, giving people a better treatment option and stepping up the fight against drug resistance.

Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) is an effective prevention option for HIV negative people at substantial risk of HIV infection as part of combination prevention approaches. Resistance is more likely to occur when PrEP is started in an acute undiagnosed HIV infection. As countries implement PrEP to prevent HIV infection, it should be accompanied by surveillance for HIV drug resistance in those infected despite PrEP use.

The report indicates that the number of countries achieving high levels of viral suppression (≥ 90%) increased from 33% in 2017 to 80% in 2020. Achieve high levels of viral load suppression in populations taking antiretroviral therapy prevents transmission of HIV, HIV- associated morbidity and mortality and prevents the emergence of resistance to HIV drugs.

The report also emphasizes the need for routine viral load monitoring and close follow-up of people with non-viral suppression, including diet change if necessary, to achieve favorable treatment outcomes. and long-term sustainable. In addition, ensuring the continued availability and accessibility of optimal drugs to treat HIV infections is essential to prevent drug resistance against HIV. These findings underscore the need to help countries proactively find durable solutions that are appropriate to local contexts and that can involve community members and civil society.

As the current Global HIV Drug Resistance Action Plan 2017-2021 draws to a close, the report recommends future global, national and national efforts to identify ongoing opportunities to prevent, monitor and respond to resistance to HIV drugs, in particular by adapting to the rapidly changing therapeutic landscape. and new models of service delivery. Minimizing the spread of resistance to HIV drugs is a critical aspect of the broader global response to antimicrobial resistance that requires coordinated action across all sectors of government and levels of society.

“This now regular HIVDR reporting and surveillance holds countries accountable – for providing high quality HIV treatment and care and targeted investments in antimicrobial resistance. In the future, we will expand our surveillance to new ARVs and to those that are dispensed as prevention and treatment agents – so that we can maintain our ARVs for the lifespan of people living with HIV, ”said Meg Doherty, Director of WHO’s Global HIV, Hepatitis and STIs Programs.

This report will be discussed during a webinar organized as part of Global Antimicrobial Awareness Week 2021.

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West Island Community Calendar for the week of November 25 https://wankanyaklaselfhelpgroup.com/west-island-community-calendar-for-the-week-of-november-25/ Wed, 24 Nov 2021 23:22:11 +0000 https://wankanyaklaselfhelpgroup.com/west-island-community-calendar-for-the-week-of-november-25/

Groups and clubs

The Lakeshore Camera Club welcomes photographers of all levels who wish to learn and exchange ideas with others. Meetings are held every Monday evening (until June 6) at 7:30 pm They will begin with online meetings, but plan to return to Stewart Hall in Pointe-Claire when conditions permit. Presentations by professional photographers, hands-on workshops, field trips and many other activities. Visit lccphoto.org or email info@lccphoto.org

Self-help and support

Alzheimer Groups inc. (AGI) offers therapeutic programs to people living with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. They provide supportive services to families and professional care partners, focusing on best practices in dementia care, while raising awareness in the community through education and awareness. Send an email to info@agiteam.org or call 514-485-7233.

The West Island Committee Against Elder Abuse note that several helplines are available. If anyone reading this feels like someone is handling their finances without their permission, is trying to isolate them from others, or is touching or making them feel uncomfortable in a way that they don’t. dislike or neglect them, call: Elder Abuse Help Line 1- 888-489-2287; Social info 811; CLSC Pierrefonds 514 626-2572; CLSC Lac St-Louis 514-697-4110; CLSC Dorval-Lachine 514-639-0650; Canadian Anti-Fraud 1-888-495-8501.

ABOVAS – An essential support towards health, is a non-profit organization that offers accompanied transportation for West Island residents going to medical appointments on the Island of Montreal. If you need help and want to use our service, contact us for more details. If you have a few hours to give, access to a car and would like to volunteer, call 514 694-3838, email info@abovas.com or visit abovas.com.

Compassionate friends is an international support group for parents of bereaved children. Call the Montreal chapter at 438-257-0881.

Unlimited literacy, a community-based organization dedicated to empowering adults through improving literacy, offers free, confidential and one-on-one tutoring for adults in reading, writing and basic computer skills. Call 514 694-0007 or visit literacyunlimited.ca.

Anonymous overeaters, a 12-step recovery group for compulsive eaters, anorexics and bulimics. No weighing, membership fee or fees. Zoom or telephone meetings are organized during the pandemic. Call 514 488-1812 or visit oamontrealenglish.org/meetings.


Becket players are looking for volunteers (aged 18 and over) for their next spring show. Positions include ticket sales, waiter, waitresses, kitchen staff. Visit Volunteer@becketplayers.ca or dial 514-465-3029.

Defending the rights of West Island citizens is an organization funded by Centraide / West Island Community Shares that matches people in need with volunteer advocates. Call 514 694-5850 or visit Volunteerwica.com.

West Island Volunteering is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the needs of volunteers as well as organizations and community groups in need of volunteer help. Call 514 457-5445 or send an email to info@volunteerwestisland.org.

Contribute to the Gazette West-island / off-island community calendar by email to wicomcal@postmedia.com.

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Newcomers Club reunion showcases Chile and community – Estes Park Trail-Gazette https://wankanyaklaselfhelpgroup.com/newcomers-club-reunion-showcases-chile-and-community-estes-park-trail-gazette/ Wed, 24 Nov 2021 15:22:50 +0000 https://wankanyaklaselfhelpgroup.com/newcomers-club-reunion-showcases-chile-and-community-estes-park-trail-gazette/

A chili bake was the tasty highlight of the Estes Park Newcomer Club general meeting on November 18 at the community center. Nine residents vied for the honors of “best chili chef”. The top spot went to Andy Brittan-Willabus, who only revealed that his “secret sauce” contained cocoa powder and chopped green, yellow and red peppers. He developed the recipe himself and says it was the first cooking competition he took part in. The second winner was Patti Brown, who admitted that it was her talented daughter’s recipe for Chicken, Chicken Broth, White Beans, Rotel Tomatoes and Monterey Jack Cheese that made it so delicious. Mark Rissmiller’s third course included Jimmy Dean’s pork sausage, Waygu and bison minced meats, and V8 juice. What an interesting combination of flavors. The evening dinner menu included salad, cornbread, lemonade, coffee, and various pies with whipped cream for dessert.

Newcomers Club

Some of the 9 Chili Cooking participants: Cathy Ochs, Aleta Kazadi, Mark Rissmiller, Danny Gigax, Linda Fromholzer and a friend, Barbara Davis.

Jessica Garner, Estes Park’s new director of community development, was the speaker. A fourth generation Colorado resident, she spoke of her passion for land use, zoning and transportation issues and their relationship to community health care. She said major issues facing the city in her region include the housing crisis in terms of affordability and availability, the drafting of a new downtown development plan, a new RM- zoning district. 2, updates of the overall plan and improvement of customer service.

Newcomers Club

Jessica Garner, Director of Community Development at Estes Park ”was the speaker for the evening.

She engaged the members in round tables on what they see as the town planning issues facing the city. A number of members shared their views, including on forest fire and fuel mitigation, green energy, water issues, density of housing and the desire for more downtown walks. city ​​as the waterfront area.

The evening also included a silent auction of items donated by members. Proceeds will be used to fund projects benefiting the club’s Estes Park community service projects.

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Kenyan fintech Asilimia raises $ 2 million in pre-seed round, plans to expand loans to MSMEs, expand in East Africa – TechCrunch https://wankanyaklaselfhelpgroup.com/kenyan-fintech-asilimia-raises-2-million-in-pre-seed-round-plans-to-expand-loans-to-msmes-expand-in-east-africa-techcrunch/ Wed, 24 Nov 2021 07:18:45 +0000 https://wankanyaklaselfhelpgroup.com/kenyan-fintech-asilimia-raises-2-million-in-pre-seed-round-plans-to-expand-loans-to-msmes-expand-in-east-africa-techcrunch/

Kenya’s economy is fueled by informal enterprises, which contribute 33.8% of the country’s GDP and provide 83.4% of total employment outside of small-scale agriculture, according to data from the country’s statistics office. The contribution of these companies is essential to the country’s economy, but they remain underserved by traditional banking institutions, making it difficult for them access funding necessary to grow.

On the other hand, the funding gap left by conventional banking institutions presented an opportunity for innovation, leading to the birth of fintechs like Asilimi. Over the past three years, the Kenyan startup has offered a lifeline to merchants in Kenya by allowing them to conduct mobile money transactions without transfer fees through its Leja app.

And now, after securing $ 2 million in pre-seed funding ($ 1 million in equity and $ 1 million in debt), the startup is heading into its next phase of growth, which will involve granting merchant loans offering more relief to this sub-group which is often overlooked. and considered high risk by the traditional banking sector.

Funding came from various investors including Fredrik Jung Abbou; a founder of unicorn twice and Norrsken Impact Accelerator, while the roundtable benefited from the participation of the French public investment bank (Bpifrance) and GreenTec Capital Partners.

Asilimia is set to use the funding to hire talent as it seeks to refine its technology and expand into another market in East Africa. It will also provide loans to micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) based on data from its Leja app.

“We have entered a phase where we are exploring ways to extend much needed credit for traders to purchase equipment or products to support their businesses,” Asilimia co-founder and CEO Tekwane Mwendwa told TechCrunch.

Morgane Kablan, is the other co-founder and COO of the startup.

By providing mobile loans, Asilimia will join a space that has around 100 lending apps, including Branch by San Francisco, Branch International Ltd and Tala, supported by PayPal.

The Asilimia team in Nairobi, Kenya. Image credits: Asilimia.

The Digital Lenders Association of Kenya told TechCrunch in a previous interview that about 25 apps it represents spend around $ 40 million per month. The apps offer unsecured loans, which makes them attractive to borrowers looking for quick cash.

In addition to allowing users to conduct mobile money transactions at no cost, Leja also supports accounting, making it easier for merchants to track their income and outflows, without the need for technical or accounting knowledge. The platform provides valuable data that Asilimia plans to use to provide loans to users.

Mwendwa said Asilimia will create credit scoring models from the data collected to determine the amount that will be extended to borrowers.

“We will take into account their b2b transactions, cash flow, sales, debts and expenses, because all of that information is in the app. This is possible because traders love to use our app which unlike other loan apps has inventory management. I like to think of our app as the operating system for informal businesses and we are happy that it is a one stop shop for traders, ”Mwendwa said.

“Another thing that traders struggle with is airtime reloading. We interact with them on a daily basis and understand their weak points, and therefore we want to give them all the support they need so that they can continue to do business – we will also extend the interest-free top-up credit, ”he said. -he declares.

Tekwane said a normal user makes about three transactions through the app every day and the business has grown by 30% week after week. Around 27,000 users use its apps, with total transactions made through the Leja app reaching around $ 20 million.

Previously, the startup had gone through the prestigious Station F incubation program in Paris and the Norrsken Impact Accelerator program. In 2019, the startup won the Africa Cup at the 2019 SA Innovation Summit, securing an investment of $ 350,000 from Unicorn Group, a pan-African investment company. He used the funding to fund his growth, which included adding Leja to his portfolio.

Beyond East Africa, Asilimia is exploring growth opportunities in other regions as it seeks to continue to close the funding gap currently faced by traders across the continent.

“MSMEs play a vital role across Africa and facilitating their success is tremendous for the continent as a whole,” said Funda Sezgi, Co-Founder and CEO of Norrsken Impact Accelerator.

“Tekwane and his team have come up with a solution that works and we are delighted to support them as they contribute to prosperity in a key sector for the African economy. “

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“Industries will only progress when farmers are successful” https://wankanyaklaselfhelpgroup.com/industries-will-only-progress-when-farmers-are-successful/ Tue, 23 Nov 2021 05:20:49 +0000 https://wankanyaklaselfhelpgroup.com/industries-will-only-progress-when-farmers-are-successful/

Business office:

The Agricultural and Rural Development Forum of the Vidarbha Industries Association (VIA) recently held a workshop on “Industry Contribution to Agricultural Economy Reforms” in Mahalgaon, Nagpur. The session was organized with the intention of informing farmers about government plans; marketing of agricultural products; progressive marketing; “Goushala – A boon for farmers”, agricultural tools and added value to the farm product. Shachi Mallick, Forum Coordinator, in her opening remarks briefed the participating farmers about VIA and its activities and how the Agriculture and Rural Development Forum is excited to help farmers by creating a service of assisting farmers and establishing links with government programs. . Suresh Rathi, President – VIA, in his welcome speech advised farmers to reap all the benefits of technology and advancement in knowledge. In addition, he said that farmers should use the latest information and make every village an “Adarsh ​​village”. He also suggested that participants apply new methods of farming practices on their farms, so that the next generation of farming families would be interested in continuing the agricultural work of their ancestors. RB Goenka, vice president of VIA shared his concepts for minimizing the cost of inputs in agriculture, the importance of water harvesting. He said industries also depend on farmers and industries can only advance if farmers are successful.

Agro & Rural Development Forum will provide the necessary platform for farmers to support their growth. He also explained the added value to agricultural products such as mango pulp, Jamun pulp, etc. to get more value for their harvest. Pranjal Wagh, Sarpanch from Kadholi Village, appreciated Agro Forum’s efforts to lead and bring together experienced speakers and agro-entrepreneurs under one roof to improve and dispel farmers’ doubts. She advised young people and farmers to make the most of the sessions and take charge of VIA’s expert speakers and cultivate more value added to their crops as well as produce good organic crops on their farms. Pragati Gokhale, founder and mentor for the “Mera Mobile Mera Marketing” mission explained the marketmirchi.com portal and showed the practical demonstration with examples of its use. She said that this portal is an initiative for Indian farmers to sell products online completely for free. Indigenous and responsive MarketMirchi.com web portal highlights all rural and agricultural categories for free digital marketing of rural and agricultural products, SHG (self-help group) products, rural services and rural jobs. This portal is completely mobile responsive.

She said farmers are experts in growing good quality crops, but if they learn how to market their own produce, they will get more profit. Manjusha Raut, Taluka Krishi Adhikari, briefed farmers on the online application process for various government programs for the agricultural sector. Dr Jugalkishor Agrawal, project coordinator, shared information and presented the various agricultural tools and instruments used to improve the agricultural economy with the support of industries. He also advised and shared details of goat and poultry breeding projects. Finally, he gave a practical demonstration of the variety of agricultural implements available to save energy with the physical efforts of farmers. Om Jajodia, President of the VIA Agro & Rural Development Forum, spoke about the importance of cattle breeding. Dr Kirti Sirothiya, Kiran Gokhale, Amogh and all members of the forum have worked hard for the success of this program. Dr Jugalkishor Agrawal summed up the session and proposed a formal vote of thanks. Laxmikant Padoli, director of the Neem Foundation, Ravindra Nikase, Sarpanch – Nihigaon; Shyamrao Sheshrao Aajode, Sarpanch – Kapsi were present.

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Man Changes Life With Help From New Haven Community Center, Helping Others In Need https://wankanyaklaselfhelpgroup.com/man-changes-life-with-help-from-new-haven-community-center-helping-others-in-need/ Mon, 22 Nov 2021 23:19:20 +0000 https://wankanyaklaselfhelpgroup.com/man-changes-life-with-help-from-new-haven-community-center-helping-others-in-need/

NEW HAVEN, Connecticut (WTNH) – It has been a difficult year trying to find a new normal during a pandemic and the changes that have meant for all of our lives. Many say that one thing that has sustained has been the community.

On this Thanksgiving holiday, there is a story of how surrounding yourself with a village can take us through even the most difficult times.

A year ago, Marquise Reid dozed off on PCP.

“I was doing stuff to wrap stuff, but the stuff was still there,” Reid said.

Today, Reid is a completely different man. It shows how much a year and a relentless love can make a difference.

“Now I hang out with positive people who get positive results. At the time, I was getting negative results, ”Reid explained.

Honda Smith says she saw an opportunity to intervene in Reid’s life, a second chance she wishes someone had given to her own sister, Annette Smith, who was murdered in 1997.

“I wish someone back then had helped my sister who was on drugs, dust, crack and saved her before her life was taken from her. So, I want to be that person for Marquise because my sister has not been reached. To let her know someone cares, ”Smith said.

It took time and years to reach out, but something changed inside Reid in March. He took Smith’s outstretched hand and she led him to the community center she created on Valley Street in New Haven. Together, they provide a safe place for children, parents and neighbors to have a hot meal, play games, learn life skills, access career counseling and meditation.

The center officially opened its doors this month.

“Since then, we’ve had over 341 people walked into this building, and it’s been remarkable for a month,” Smith said.

Reid says there’s one constant that keeps people coming back, including him. The reason he can sit down with his sons and refuse the call from the streets.

“[Honda’s] here with us every day. She is our motivation, ”said Reid.

This Thanksgiving, he’s thankful to be alive. It was through the community center that Reid met the Cunninghams: Jordan and his father George.

“I have been to all the prisons in the state of Connecticut. I ate time, sold drugs, sold guns, ”said George. But in 2005, George found absolution.

“I got shot, I was on my deathbed. I had exploratory surgery so I saw things that changed me. It was the love of Christ,” said George. .

He knows it takes a village. He is relieved that his son has found a way away from the life he led himself.

“I am the youth ambassador here. I’m about to start producing a sports show in high school, ”Jordan said.

They both attribute the community they found to Smith and Reid and others who joined them. Jordan found the opportunity to paint the walls, organize events, and mentor his own friends to help them do what he did – get off the corner.

“Everyone tells us we can do it, but nobody shows it to them, so I’m showing them you can do anything,” Jordan said.

The center is located at 333 Valley Street.

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Kenya Moore “had it for me” on RHUGT https://wankanyaklaselfhelpgroup.com/kenya-moore-had-it-for-me-on-rhugt/ Mon, 22 Nov 2021 15:00:08 +0000 https://wankanyaklaselfhelpgroup.com/kenya-moore-had-it-for-me-on-rhugt/

Real Housewives: The Ultimate Girls’ Journey is only three episodes, but most viewers would safely assume that Singer Ramona directed most of the drama. Ramona now reveals that she felt kenya moore had taken it out for her while she was on the tropical island.

Leave it to singer Stinger to turn a relaxing trip to Turks and Caicos into a rowdy. In the first five minutes of the first episode, Ramona had already put her foot in his mouth and offended Kenya while on the private plane.

The real housewives of New York the star opened to Us weekly as she shared, “It’s pretty obvious that everyone knows Kenya and I have had a lot [of drama]. Ramona admitted that the two heads collided and perhaps caused the most drama.

Ramona insisted, “For some reason she had it for me. I mean, I’m going to break the fourth wall because we’re allowed to. The producers even said, ‘Wow, we never saw anyone. ‘one like that to someone. ”It was difficult for me because I can usually handle everything.

Fans of Real Housewives: The Ultimate Girls’ Journey I don’t quite agree with Ramona’s version and feel like she’s just messy. It didn’t help that Ramona called Kenya “Porsha” more than once.

Kenya wasn’t the only housewife Ramona had trouble with. The excuse also hurt Luann de Lesseps when she spoke about her relationship with her ex-husband, Tom D’Agostino Jr. Ramona told the outlet that everything came to a head when she decided to walk away from the table because she had “heard the story so many times and it had offended her.”

Ramona got off on the wrong foot with just about everyone on the trip, but her bad behavior wasn’t necessarily unexpected. Season 13 of RHONY showed the 64-year-old in a bad light after she found herself grappling with racism allegations against Eboni K. Williams.

Fans will recall that Ramona was investigated by Bravo and a third party company for racist charges. Information has come to light that Eboni filed a complaint weeks before the meeting.

Kenya and Ramona may be tough on each other, but it looks like the case could be in favor of the beauty queen. The “Ramona Effect” helps Kenya to become more sympathetic in the eyes of the fans. The Ramona Coaster will continue to take viewers on an emotional journey for future episodes. Real housewives fans should buckle up as a precaution.

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