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CULLMAN COUNTY, Alabama (WIAT) – The Cullman County community has made sure a little girl gets her wish.

Lillie Handley, 8, had never seen a real parade. She is now in the hospice car battling cancer. But the community rallied around her to help her in her difficult times and offered her the surprise of a lifetime.

Handley sat on her mother’s lap in their front yard as one by one cars, trucks, carriages and horses passed. Many slow down to offer candy, gifts, encouragement, and love.

For the past five years, Lillie has been battling neuroblastoma, a type of cancer. After various treatments and years of fighting, doctors recently gave him a serious prognosis.

“It’s tough. Very tough. But with God we can make it happen,” said Dennis Haynes Lillie’s grandfather. “I’ve never seen a little girl this strong and always, always have that beautiful smile. . “

Having never been to a parade, her church organized something small for the 8-year-old Disney Princess. But after word got out on social media, people came from afar to participate. The result was an hour-long procession where Lillie took on the role of a real-life princess, waving, laughing with other royals, and flashing her smile to adoring fans.

Cullman County Sheriff’s Deputies estimate that about 800 people were in this parade for Lillie. They say they stayed at this intersection for almost three hours directing traffic. Lillie’s family say it’s more than they could have imagined.

“It’s just that I don’t even have words. I mean, it’s breathtaking, honestly, and just plain amazing, ”said Kelly Handley, Lillie’s mom. “So many people have heard of Lillie and her trip and they just wanted to like on her.”

“I mean we, we’re just blown away by how the community came out,” said Dennis Haynes. “Words cannot tell how we feel in our hearts to everyone.”

Her grandfather says Lillie touches lives. For her family, she is a princess every day. Thanks to the community, for a few hours on Wednesday, Lillie lived a bit like royalty.

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Central Pa HIV Care Agency Now Accepting Donations Through Used Car Program ‘CARS’ | Community https://wankanyaklaselfhelpgroup.com/central-pa-hiv-care-agency-now-accepting-donations-through-used-car-program-cars-community/ Thu, 22 Jul 2021 12:00:00 +0000 https://wankanyaklaselfhelpgroup.com/central-pa-hiv-care-agency-now-accepting-donations-through-used-car-program-cars-community/

Williamsport / State College, PA – Community members can donate their used vehicles to AIDS Resource through the CARS (Charitable Adult Rides and Services) program.

This program creates a unique opportunity for donors to support the organization’s customer transportation and meal delivery services.

Through the CARS program, AIDS Resource will receive funds to purchase a vehicle or provide customers with the donated vehicle.

CARS accepts most motor vehicles whether driven or not, and vehicle donations are tax deductible. All that is required is an up-to-date, clean title in the donor’s name for the car they wish to donate.

If approved, the company will collect the vehicle free of charge.

For more information on CARS, call (855) 500-7433.

The mission of AIDS Resource to support people living with HIV or AIDS is to help them maintain control over their health.

The organization understands the importance of clients seeing their doctors regularly to manage their HIV and other medical needs. By removing barriers to transportation, clients are more likely to follow their medical care.

Most of AIDS Resource’s clients are seniors who cannot drive or own a vehicle, making it difficult to access medical appointments and groceries.

To facilitate travel, staff members currently drive clients to and from their appointments via a rental car. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the cost of rental cars has increased dramatically.

The CARS program enables AIDS Resource to transport clients and deliver food and hygiene items without spending large sums of money on vehicle rentals.

The delivery of meals and hygiene items has been a vital service that AIDS Resource launched last year.

When the COVID-19 pandemic closed the agency’s two pantries, the delivery program took its place. Customers loved receiving free weekly meals and monthly hygiene items without having to leave their homes.

Staff members from the Williamsport office at 500 W. Third St. and from the State College office at 129 S. Sparks St. travel the county lines to ensure their needs are met.

AIDS Resource is a non-profit organization focused on helping people living with and affected by HIV or AIDS in rural Pennsylvania.

The organization provides free case management services, HIV and STI testing, educational resources and prevention tools to the community.

It has a coverage area of ​​10 counties which includes Cameron, Center, Clearfield, Clinton, Elk, Lycoming, McKean, Potter, Snyder and Union counties.

Our content is free, but our journalists work hard. 100% of your contribution to NorthcentralPa.com goes directly to helping us cover important news and events in our area. Please say local news matters!

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Kenya: IEBC candidates should protect the inviolability of the vote https://wankanyaklaselfhelpgroup.com/kenya-iebc-candidates-should-protect-the-inviolability-of-the-vote/ Wed, 21 Jul 2021 10:55:43 +0000 https://wankanyaklaselfhelpgroup.com/kenya-iebc-candidates-should-protect-the-inviolability-of-the-vote/

With only a year to go until the next general election and we will soon be hearing loud music in the streets as the country’s political leaders once again come up with new tricks to gain the trust of the Kenyans they have lost over the years. of their previous term and get their votes.

We will see the same politicians come out of their offices and return to the people for re-election after five years of hibernation. For example, if you’re in the interior of the country, I’m sure the roads were impassable for more than half of the tenure of the current leaders we voted for; insecurity has been a daily labyrinth; water and food insecurity are almost permanent features; students drop out of school for lack of tuition fees; unemployment is rampant; and there are massive abuses of power and human rights.

Ironically, if we revisit the manifestos the leaders gave us, we see how selfish power has made them. It has become a culture in our country for politicians, whether in power or in the making, to manipulate voters, for example through propaganda and voter corruption on the eve of elections.

Voter corruption is the deliberate action taken against a registered voter by a aspiring politician or party agent for the purpose of buying their vote directly or indirectly or manipulating their initial decision on who is fit to vote. a particular political seat. It is so prevalent in society and, if left unresolved, the nation will continue to have the same recurring issues, voting under the same unethical incompetent corrupt leaders.

This is a problem that the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) needs to resolve urgently. In the ongoing interviews to hire the most suitable and qualified candidates, this is a concern that should be raised and those who qualify for the vacant positions on the commission should arm themselves with tangible and meaningful solutions to face the threat.

Kenyans need responsible, honest IEBC commissioners who care about the sanctity of the vote and other human rights.

Martin Echenje is a communication and public relations student at Maasai Mara University. stephaniemartins499@gmail.com.

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Need School Bus Drivers in Pea Ridge https://wankanyaklaselfhelpgroup.com/need-school-bus-drivers-in-pea-ridge/ Wed, 21 Jul 2021 10:09:08 +0000 https://wankanyaklaselfhelpgroup.com/need-school-bus-drivers-in-pea-ridge/

PEA RIDGE – “It’s a great part-time job,” said Cameron McNabb, director of facilities and transportation, of school bus drivers.

The Pea Ridge School District currently has two positions open for school bus drivers – a special education route and a rural route.

“We are always on the lookout for replacements and travel drivers,” McNabb said.

“One of the things we can’t get is people willing to take trips at night,” he said.

“It’s extra income – always has been,” he said. “It’s cheap insurance.”

“It’s half past one in the morning and again in the afternoon,” he said.

Driving hours on a route are 6:15 am to 8 am in the morning and 3 pm to 4:45 pm in the afternoon. That’s a great job for semi-retirees and farmers, McNabb said.

“The first driver leaves here at around 6:15 am and drives to Gateway,” he said. “The last one leaves around 7 a.m.

“Pea Ridge Schools will train bus drivers whether they wish to drive a route, replace only, or drive routes. Having licensed and qualified drivers in our community helps ensure that we can provide transportation to our clients.

“Pea Ridge is currently in a rare position to have an adequate amount of equipment but, in a strange twist like every district, we don’t have enough qualified drivers,” he said.

A bus driver is hired for 179 paid driving days over 24 pay periods (every two weeks), starting at $ 11,844.13 with annual increases, according to McNabb. He said the salary is additional salary that “often will not affect retirement or other benefits.”

Bus drivers receive all of the benefits of a public school employee, including paid sick leave, personal time off, summers with continuous pay, the Arkansas teacher retirement system after five years of service, health insurance, life insurance and disability insurance.

The license qualifications are a Class B commercial driver’s license with a Passenger endorsement and a School bus endorsement. Pilots must be qualified for air brakes and pass a physical exam. Drivers must be at least 21 years old and able to pass a background check without being convicted of felony or child abuse.

McNabb said the district would help train those interested in the CDL and reimburse the costs of the test once it is successful. He said the district would also pay for the required physical exams.

He said the buses are more stable than a 15-passenger van and are similar to driving a large recreational vehicle. “There is better visibility,” he said, noting that the driver is seated high looking at the corners of the bus. He said there are seven mirrors on each bus and there are cameras that show behavior and activity on the bus.

“I would love to have people with school-aged children; they could load them up and take them home,” he said, adding that parents of athletes would be great bus drivers for the kids. sporting events outside the city. “They could drive the bus, watch their kid’s game, drive back and get paid for it.”

“There is a great camaraderie between the pilots,” said McNabb. “They arrive early and sit and talk before and after their route.”

Annette Beard can be contacted by email at [email protected] ]]> The Surfside community mourns the lost as search teams stand near the bottom of the debris https://wankanyaklaselfhelpgroup.com/the-surfside-community-mourns-the-lost-as-search-teams-stand-near-the-bottom-of-the-debris/ Wed, 21 Jul 2021 06:33:00 +0000 https://wankanyaklaselfhelpgroup.com/the-surfside-community-mourns-the-lost-as-search-teams-stand-near-the-bottom-of-the-debris/ “At the original collapse site, we’re almost at the bottom,” Miami-Dade Police spokesman Alvaro Zabaleta told CNN. “Does that mean we’re almost done with the search? No. Until we clean up the whole site and find any human remains, we’re not done.”

Part of the South Champlain Towers collapsed in the wee hours of June 24, while many residents were sleeping. Immediately, teams went to the scene to search the rubble for the victims, stopping only for the dangerous weather conditions and when the remains of the building were demolished.

Even after experts said there was no longer any hope of locating survivors, officials promised families that work would not stop until all the remains were collected.

Now that the promise has been kept for most families, the end of the research marks the beginning of a new phase of mourning.

In the days following the collapse, Debbie Hill’s father was considered missing, and not knowing where he was and what had happened to him was “the big deal,” she told Erin Burnett from CNN.

Nicole Ortiz said the agony of waiting to hear of her sister and nephew’s fate was indescribable.

“I screamed,” she told CNN’s Ryan Young. “I almost passed out. I cried.”

But now many families have answers.

The community is now mourning Vishal and Bhavna Patel and their 1 year old daughter Aishani. Ilan Naibryf’s family say goodbye to a young man they say made an impact wherever he went. Sergio Lozano faces the loss of his two parents, Antonio and Gladys.

“They died together,” Lozano said. “It’s not fair – to be crushed, to be destroyed. It’s not fair.”

And for those who survived, it’s about picking up the pieces after an almost miraculous survival.

Iliana Monteagudo recalled the moment she saw the cracks running along her walls and the sound of the house she had dreamed of for 40 years crashing around her as she escaped up the stairs.

“Something inside of me said to run,” Monteagudo said. “You have to run to save your life.”

An investigation to begin

As the community mourns, many locals also grapple with fear for the future as they wonder what caused the collapse and if other buildings in the area are in danger.

Last week, a structural engineer hired by the city told CNN that the investigation will not reach its full force until the research teams complete their work.

“Until they do their job, we can’t come in to take material samples and take those samples and test them to understand what the different components of the building were that fell,” Allyn Kilsheimer told Ana Cabrera from CNN.

The first night he was at the scene, Kilsheimer, who also investigated the aftermath of the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon, said he had about 20 or 30 theories of possible triggers.

Since then he has eliminated some but added five or six more, he said, but will not be able to reduce it while research continues.

Florida State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle acknowledged “multiple requests from engineers and lawyers” to access the site.

“Engineers from the federal agency National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) were deployed to Surfside with the authority of Congress to gather evidence and determine how and why the South Champlain Tower collapsed. NIST is the investigative agency responsible for investigating building collapses such as the World Trade Center, just as the NTSB investigates plane crashes, “Rundle said in a statement.

“I understand that once NIST, Miami-Dade Fire Department, and Miami-Dade Police Department determine that it is safe and appropriate for others to access the site, they will be permitted to do so in accordance with the guidelines set out by these agencies, ”said Rundle.

CNN’s Travis Caldwell, Rosa Flores, Rebekah Riess, Leyla Santiago, Claudia Dominguez, and Tina Burnside contributed to this report.

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24/7 DAD tackles paternity trials | News, Sports, Jobs https://wankanyaklaselfhelpgroup.com/24-7-dad-tackles-paternity-trials-news-sports-jobs/ Wed, 21 Jul 2021 05:47:55 +0000 https://wankanyaklaselfhelpgroup.com/24-7-dad-tackles-paternity-trials-news-sports-jobs/

contributed photos A new 24-7 DAD session will start on September 8th. The group is designed to help Marshall County dads overcome the challenges of fatherhood.

A new session of 24-7 DAD, a free 11-week group designed to help Marshall County fathers face the challenges of fatherhood, will begin on September 8.

David Hicks of YSS of Marshall County and Ron Eberline of Center Associates are the group leaders. Hicks said 24-7 DAD is a national organization that helps new dads.

“24-7 DAD is a national science-based program that we follow. It contains chapters with specific topics, activities and talking points to encourage dialogue, discovery and growth ”, Hicks said. “We use their life experience to understand how they see and practice parenting, discuss other options, and guide them to what can work – and what doesn’t. We don’t tell them what to do or impose our beliefs on them, as much of this class is self-discovery education.

Hicks said fatherhood initiatives and parenting support were identified as a community gap many years ago and he and Eberline have teamed up to fill that need. Eberline has facilitated DAD 24-7 for the past six years in Marshall and Hardin counties, and has led the group with Hicks for the past four years.

The group covers topics such as learning what it takes to become a good role model for your child, exploring ways to improve communication with your child and other family members, learning to effective parenting practices and learning skills to help manage co-parenting situations. Hicks and Eberline said they believe the group is important and necessary.

“There are very few support groups for fathers, if any,” Hicks said. “There should always be opportunities for men / fathers to become better versions of themselves, to acquire applicable skills to build their self-confidence and to increase their understanding of their impact on their own (s). child (ren). “

The group seeks to help fathers better understand their children and better co-parenting.

“This group can help fathers to understand the development of the child, to know the expectations of their children according to their age and to be able to co-parent effectively in the event of divorce or separation from the mother”, Hicks said.

He said men can find it difficult to admit they need help, and the group’s discussions can help fathers learn new approaches and practices in a friendly environment.

“Parenting doesn’t stop at age 18 – it’s a lifelong commitment. Men are often too proud to admit they need help or ask for help ”, Hicks said, “Through our discussions and activities, fathers can learn new approaches and practices through a better understanding of how they were brought up. Sharing a meal before the group creates a very friendly environment for men to talk without judgment. “

Eberline said the group is looking to help the central Iowa community. Hicks and Eberline said the 24-7 DAD support group typically sees around three to eight men in each group.

“In the previous groups we have had brand new fathers, fathers trying to reconnect with their children after an absence, men becoming stepfathers and a few grandfathers now having to raise their grandchildren. Hicks said. “We’ve had fathers who just wanted to learn as much as they could, especially when the kids were growing up to be teenagers!

He hopes the men can walk out of the group confident in their parenting skills.

“Although no parent is perfect, knowledge is power” Hicks said. “Fatherhood is the one job that almost all men feel absolutely unqualified for, but we do it anyway. We want them to be good co-parents and understand how influential they are with their children.

Eberline hopes that the family life of the fathers who attend the 24-7 group will be impacted for the better.

“Fewer incidents of domestic violence, fewer incidents of child abuse and neglect, and improved father-child relationships and co-parenting with mothers of children” he said. “This has been accomplished with many fathers over the years. “

24-7 DAD is a collaborative Child Abuse Prevention Services project and is funded by the Marshall and Hardin County Community Partnerships for Child Protection (CPPC) and community donations. .

Fathers interested in the program should call Marshalltown YSS at 641-752-2300 or go to YSS.com.


Contact Marquetta Evans at 641-753-6611 or mevans@timesrepublican.com.

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Chembio Diagnostics Receives $ 28.3 Million Purchase Order https://wankanyaklaselfhelpgroup.com/chembio-diagnostics-receives-28-3-million-purchase-order/ Wed, 21 Jul 2021 02:56:00 +0000 https://wankanyaklaselfhelpgroup.com/chembio-diagnostics-receives-28-3-million-purchase-order/

HAUPPAUGE, NY, July 20, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Chembio Diagnostics, Inc. (Nasdaq: CEMI), a leading point-of-care diagnostics company focused on infectious disease, today announced that it has received a purchase order of 28.3 million dollars from Bio-Manguinhos for the purchase of the DPP SARS-CoV-2 antigen tests from Chembio for delivery in 2021 to meet the urgent needs of the Brazilian Ministry of Health for deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. The SARS-CoV-2 Antigen DPP test is designed to detect the SARS-CoV-2 antigen, which indicates an active COVID-19 infection, in just 20 minutes using a minimally invasive nasal swab. Chembio’s delivery of the total number of tests covered by the PO may be affected by Chembio’s supply chain, personnel and liquidity limitations, and other matters beyond Chembio’s control.

Bio-Manguinhos, a subsidiary of the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz), is responsible for the development and production of vaccines, diagnostics and biopharmaceuticals, primarily to meet the demands of Brazil’s national public health system. Chembio has a long-standing relationship with Bio-Manguinhos, having supplied several products for the point-of-care detection of COVID-19 antibodies, HIV and other infectious diseases. Bio-Manguinhos received regulatory approval from Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária (ANVISA) in March 2021, following the approval of the test by ANVISA for the Brazilian subsidiary of Chembio in November 2020.

“We are delighted to significantly expand our customer relationship with Bio-Manguinhos to meet the testing needs surrounding COVID-19,” said Javan Esfandiari, Executive Vice President of Chembio, Chief Scientific and Technological Officer. “Enabling providers to test patients at the point of care and determine their infection status in just 20 minutes may be one of the most effective methods of controlling the spread of COVID-19 and improving patient outcomes. We believe the purchase order validates the investments we made earlier this year in the PLR ​​SARS-CoV-2 Antigen test inventory and look forward to ramping up production. We are very proud to provide this test to Brazil and to contribute to the efforts to manage the global pandemic. “

About the DPP Rapid Test Platform
Chembio’s proprietary DPP technology platform delivers fast, high-quality diagnostic results in 15-20 minutes using a small drop of fingertip blood or other samples. Using advanced multiplexing, the DPP platform can detect up to eight distinct test results from a single patient sample, providing greater clinical value than other rapid tests. For some applications, the easy-to-use, highly portable, battery-powered DPP Micro Reader optical analyzer then reports accurate results in about 15 seconds, making it well suited for decentralized testing where real-time results allow patients to be clinically evaluated. while they are still there. The objective results produced by the DPP Micro Reader reduce the possibility of the types of human error that may be encountered in visual interpretations required by many rapid tests.

The DPP-based point-of-care testing portfolio with FDA regulatory approvals includes DPP HIV-Syphilis System (PMA Approved), DPP HIV 1/2 Test (PMA Approved and CLIA Dispensed), DPP Zika System IgM (510 (k)) and DPP Ebola Antigen System (EUA). Additionally, the DPP-based tests have received regulatory approvals from the World Health Organization, CE Mark, ANVISA, and other global organizations, where they aid in the detection and diagnosis of several more. critical illnesses and conditions.

All DPP tests are developed and manufactured in the United States and are the subject of a range of national and global patents and pending patents.

About Chembio Diagnostics
Chembio is a leading point-of-care diagnostic company focused on the detection and diagnosis of infectious diseases, including COVID-19, sexually transmitted diseases, respiratory diseases, and insect vector-borne diseases. Coupled with Chembio’s vast scientific expertise, its new DPP technology offers broad market applications beyond infectious diseases. Chembio’s products are sold worldwide, directly and through distributors, to hospitals and clinics, physician offices, clinical laboratories, public health organizations, government agencies and consumers. Learn more at www.chembio.com.

Forward-looking statements

Certain statements contained in the first and third paragraphs above are not historical facts and may be forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Forward-looking statements include statements regarding intent, belief or current expectations with respect to the manufacture, distribution and sale of the DPP SARS-CoV-2 Antigen assay in accordance with the Bio-Manguinhos purchase order. These statements, which are only expectations, reflect the current views of management, are based on certain assumptions and involve risks and uncertainties. Actual results, events or performance may differ materially from forward-looking statements due to a number of important factors, and will depend on various factors, including, but not limited to the following, each of which could be further exacerbated. by the continuing outbreak of COVID-19 in the United States, Brazil and around the world: constraints on Chembio’s supply chain, personnel and other resources that could hamper Chembio’s ability to supply the number of tests envisaged by the order form of Bio-Manguinhos; the need for Chembio to secure sufficient working capital to finance the sourcing of raw materials, employment and staffing, and other costs associated with manufacturing testing, as well as Chembio’s continued operational infrastructure ; the risks of doing business with foreign government entities, including geopolitical, international and other challenges; the ability of Chembio and Bio-Manguinhos to maintain existing regulatory approvals and to obtain timely additional regulatory approvals for its COVID-19 diagnostic tests, which approvals are subject to processes that may change on a recurring basis without notice; Chembio’s addiction and his limited experience with COVID-19 diagnostic tests; and the highly competitive and rapidly developing market for testing solutions for COVID-19, which includes a number of competing companies with strong relationships with current and potential customers, including government authorities, and with financial resources and others much more important at Chembio’s disposal. . Chembio does not undertake to publicly update any forward-looking statements in this press release to reflect events or circumstances that occur after the date hereof or to reflect any change in Chembio’s expectations with respect to forward-looking statements or the occurrence of unforeseen events. Factors that may affect Chembio’s success are more fully disclosed in Chembio’s periodic public filings with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, including its Annual Report on Form 10-K for the fiscal year. ended December 31, 2020 and its subsequent quarterly reports on Form 10-Q and current reports on Form 8-K, in particular under the heading “Risk Factors”. Readers should interpret many of the risks identified in these reports as heightened due to the many continuing negative impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

DPP is the registered trademark of Chembio. For convenience, this mark appears in this press release without the ® symbols, but this practice does not mean that Chembio will not assert, to the fullest extent of applicable law, its rights in the mark.

Philippe taylor
Gilmartin Group
(415) 937-5406

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What will bring people living with HIV back into care? https://wankanyaklaselfhelpgroup.com/what-will-bring-people-living-with-hiv-back-into-care/ Tue, 20 Jul 2021 19:11:20 +0000 https://wankanyaklaselfhelpgroup.com/what-will-bring-people-living-with-hiv-back-into-care/

Convenience, accessibility, confidentiality and quality care. If the U.S. healthcare system is to bring people who have abandoned HIV care back to the clinic, that’s what people with HIV say they’ll have to do, according to data presented this week at the 11th annual conference. International AIDS Society on HIV Science (IAS 2021).

The United States has a major problem with engaging in HIV care. Right now, only half of people living with HIV are actively participating in care, said Kelly Dyer, a research assistant at Emory University School of Medicine, who presented the data. Only 56% of them maintain an undetectable viral load, which is associated with a longer lifespan and less disease, as well as eliminating the risk of transmitting HIV to sexual partners.

For example, Dyer and his colleagues conducted a mixed-method study between June 2019 and May 2021. One arm conducted in-depth interviews with 41 people working in HIV clinics, people living in the community and, most importantly, people living with HIV. HIV who were not currently in care. . The other arm asked 50 people living with HIV who were not undergoing treatment to participate in a survey on which of the seven models of HIV care they would prefer.

The seven models included the traditional HIV clinic and six alternatives:

  • A mobile clinic
  • A community center with peer navigators
  • Telemedecine
  • Integrate HIV care into primary care clinics
  • Integrating HIV care into homeless shelters
  • Integrate HIV care into drug treatment centers.

The vast majority of people living with HIV were black (86%), 82% were men, more than half (52%) were from sexual minorities, and 54% earned less than $ 10,000 per year. Out of ranked choice responses, the traditional HIV clinic model came third as the preferred model of care among people living with HIV, mobile clinics and community-based peer navigation care arriving first and respectively. second position.

Mobile clinics were by far the most popular: 70%, or 35 people living with HIV who opted out of care, ranked the mobile clinic as their first or second choice, 21 listing it as their first choice. In comparison, the traditional HIV clinic model was the first choice for only 14% of participants, or about seven people. Peer community navigators ranked first or second for 38% of participants. Fewer than 10 people cited this model as their first choice.

Interestingly, the traditional HIV clinic model was the third most popular, with 24% indicating it as the first or second choice, but 32% indicating it as the second to last choice of care – the only ranking worse. that “would never use.” “

Traditional clinic-linked telemedicine as the preferred way to receive HIV care, with one person in the interview side of the study saying it’s “more private and more convenient because I can do it at home.”

The least popular option was to receive HIV care at drug treatment centers, with only one listing it as their first choice and 18% saying they would never use this type of care. It is not known if it is because they do not report problematic drug use.

The heterogeneity of preferences means that more than one method may be needed to fully involve all people living with HIV in care. Since this is a very small study population, the results should be taken with great caution.

“Through this work, what we have learned is that there is no one size fits all when it comes to caregiving, highlighting the need to provide multiple alternative delivery models,” said Dyer. “In addition, several participants discussed the need to integrate models of care and for individuals to choose different models of care at different times.”

Click here to read the study summary.
Click here for more IAS 2021 reports.

Click here for more information on Commitment to Care.

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Fairview Resident Calls For Community Support Amid Cancer Treatment | Communities https://wankanyaklaselfhelpgroup.com/fairview-resident-calls-for-community-support-amid-cancer-treatment-communities/ Tue, 20 Jul 2021 19:07:00 +0000 https://wankanyaklaselfhelpgroup.com/fairview-resident-calls-for-community-support-amid-cancer-treatment-communities/

Cancer sucks. This not only puts a strain on the body, but also on emotions, family and wallet. Sadly, a resident of Fairview has seen this tension up close and is asking the community for help. In turn, he plans to continue helping others.

Jeff Beck has a long history with the disease. In 1996, his wife, Valérie, fell ill and a team of five doctors in a hospital were trying to figure out what was happening to her. They put her in an induced coma for two weeks to try and slow the progression of her disease, eventually discovering it to be a rare form of brain cancer. Shortly after the discovery and a series of treatments, they sent her home with a hospice, estimating that she would live six to eight weeks longer.

“I started studying on my own,” Beck said, noting that he had started to implement a generally healthier lifestyle for his wife with a new diet, herbal teas, vitamins and supplements. , more natural and non-toxic cleaning products, etc. “She lived almost 25 years longer.”

She died in August of last year, a cancer survivor.

However, the past 25 years have not been easy. At the time of his wife’s diagnosis, the couple had three children under the age of 4, and Beck said that despite his wife surviving cancer, the many treatments to her brain and body (chemotherapy, radiation therapy, etc.) have taken their toll. .

“She ended up disabled, and she wasn’t the same anymore,” he said.

In the thick of it, he said there would be times when he would have to stop on his way to work, unable to see through his tears.

“It was difficult because I was trying to work and keep my job full time. I was trying to see my wife in the hospital. I was trying to follow my three children, keep them in daycare and sleep at night, ”he said.

The community of Fairview was very supportive of Beck during this time, not only raising a fund for the family, but a few Girl Scouts and their mother occasionally came to watch the children and help around the house. The community even paid for a family vacation to Florida.

Additionally, he said his love for his three children was the reason he was able to go through what seemed like insurmountable hardships.

But despite all the help, the bills continued to pile up and after two years of battling the bank, the family lost their home. Today Beck lives in an apartment with one of his older children – the other two live alone.

“I haven’t been able to get a new house,” he said. “I walk past and watch it every now and then, but I can’t dwell on the past.

Since Beck helped his wife implement some lifestyle changes, he’s been doing the same for others battling cancer as a health coach, noting that he recommends that they seek medical treatment with their doctor in addition to these lifestyle changes.

He also sells various types of life insurance with Symmetry Financial Group including mortgage protection, critical illness insurance, disability insurance and more, knowing how sudden illness can affect one’s financial situation. a person.

He even acted as a companion to those battling cancer, noting that he laughed and cried with some of those he worked with.

Things took a turn for the worse for Beck when he was diagnosed with an “aggressive and advanced” form of prostate cancer in 2014. After surgery and other treatments, some through the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, we told him he had “no signs of cancer.” By July 2015.

However, since January (just a few months after losing her mother to lung cancer), Beck’s cancer has returned. It has spread to his bones and he faces the possibility of two separate cancer diagnoses.

He continues to receive medical treatment and maintain healthy eating habits, but expenses are increasing. He explained that each injection he gets from the doctor costs $ 1,200 out of pocket, and healthy eating isn’t always cheap, either.

“It’s not cheap to buy good food,” he said. “You can buy Coke for 99 cents and a good bottle of water costs you $ 2.50. “

Beck has started a GoFundMe page, asking the community to support him while he pays for his medical treatments and other expenses.

“Right now they’re just trying to keep me alive longer, but I want that to go away,” he said.

Visit Beck’s GoFundMe page at www.bit.ly/supportjeffbeck.

“With some of the money I get… I will be able to help myself and help more people,” he said.

‘NABARD contributes to the rural development of Odisha’ https://wankanyaklaselfhelpgroup.com/nabard-contributes-to-the-rural-development-of-odisha/ Tue, 20 Jul 2021 18:33:06 +0000 https://wankanyaklaselfhelpgroup.com/nabard-contributes-to-the-rural-development-of-odisha/

NABARD has made coherent efforts, initiatives and contributions to rural development and has provided constant support and development of rural sectors in Odisha, said Senior Guest Governor Professor Ganeshi Lal on the 40th day of the foundation of the National Bank of Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) Regional office here Tuesday

Lal said that NABARD, through its initiatives such as the Rural Infrastructure Development Fund (RIDF), the Long Term Irrigation Fund (LTIF), the Watershed Development Fund (WDF), the liaison between self-help groups and banks (SHG-BLP) and others, complements development initiatives. central government and state. He commended NABARD for its efforts to provide funds to those who have not been funded.

He also appreciated the role of NABARD in providing jobs for women through the formation of self-help groups (SHG). He stressed that sincere and unremitting efforts are needed for the growth of the livestock, fishing, horticultural and sunrise industries.

He expressed his concerns about the increasing levels of pollution and the abuse of natural resources which are vital for life and life. “The contamination of our agricultural lands by the massive use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides must be reduced and environmentally friendly agriculture must be encouraged,” said the governor. The governor pointed out that in the coming years; NABARD needs to step up its efforts, in particular towards new age skills development initiatives that provide jobs for rural youth. NABARD Chief Executive Officer C Udayabhaskar thanked stakeholders for the excellent cooperation and support which resulted in NABARD’s fabulous performance in the state. NABARD has been a major partner of the Odisha government in its development efforts such as farmer welfare, women empowerment, rural infrastructure construction, tribal development, watershed development and OPF .

NABARD’s financial support to Odisha state government, banks and corporations touched Rs. 22,709 crore in 20-21. He indicated that the referral zones for 21-22 undertake projects on income-generating activities beyond paddy cultivation, FPOs, development of successful SHG women micro-entrepreneurs, doubling of bank credit to SHGs , new FPOs on activities such as goat farm, fishing, apiary and bamboo-based livelihoods, Bhaskar said.

Massive bamboo projects across Odisha are proposed to provide livelihoods for the poor and to combat climate change. About 3,000 SHG women would be trained to set up Grameendukhan for marketing facilities. Emphasis will also be placed on the establishment of non-agricultural producer organizations (OFPO) in the fields of looms and crafts, in addition to training rural youth on skills development to get them properly employed. , said CGM. Development Commissioner PK Jena appreciated the efforts of NABARD for the record sanction for infrastructure projects under RIDF in Odisha.

He highlighted NABARD’s contribution to credit and technical support leading to systematic fiscal consolidation and increased capital spending. He pointed out that rural connectivity has been fostered by the construction of bridges and roads under the RIDF.

In addition, additional support for irrigation, WADI, watershed development, credit to the MSME sector, women self-help groups, capital grants, support to agro-entrepreneurs and marketing have boosted the state’s economic growth. He also explained the active role of NABARD in the promotion of agricultural producers’ organizations.

Finance Secretary AKK Meena appreciated NABARD’s efforts to provide support to banks to increase the flow of core credit in the state. He urged all stakeholders to redouble their efforts and work together to achieve the priority sector credit disbursement target of Rs 1.10 lakh crore during the current fiscal year.

Among others, the commissioner and secretary of Mission Shakti, Sujatha Kartikeyan, the regional director of RBI HN Panda, the SLBC coordinator A Jena, senior bank officials, district collectors, district heads, development managers of NABARD district, bankers and progressive farmers were present.

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