Government issues horticultural quality label to ensure food safety

Consumers of fresh produce will benefit from high-quality food, thanks to local value chains that have complied with government-sponsored and other global standards. Local food businesses are also growing from the broader market as consumers continue to rise following the growth of the middle class and rapid urbanization in the country.

In July 2021, Kenya’s Ministry of Agriculture launched KS1758, a code of practice for the horticultural industry in Kenya which stipulates health and safety requirements during the production, handling and marketing of fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices.

The very first company in the country to receive KS1758 was Beyond Fruits Limited’s Belmont Farm of Limuru, Kiambu County, after successfully implementing farm-to-fork safety measures.

Speaking when issuing the certificate to the company yesterday, Principal Secretary of the State Department of Animal Husbandry of the Ministry of Agriculture, Harry Kimtai, explained that the standard is an area encompassing all fresh produce. , namely plant health, food safety, environmental sustainability. and worker health, safety and social responsibility.

“KS1758 is a very important brand developed to ensure that our products meet local and international standards, and I want to urge farmers to partner with other buyers so that they are able to produce their food in accordance with the regulation and that will not only see them get better prices for their products, but it will also lead to better revenues for returns and investments,” he said.

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