HIV positive teenager goes from Damoh to Jabalpur for treatment gets help from local group

Jabalpur / Damoh (MP), August 22 (PTI) A 15-year-old HIV-positive boy whose parents said on Sunday that he disappeared from his home in Damoh three days ago reached Jabalpur where a local organization gave him refuge.
Some acquaintances said the boy clung to the back ladder of a bus to travel the 105 kilometers from Damoh in impoverished Bundelkhand to Jabalpur, one of the state’s main cities.
He may have left for Jabalpur to have his ears treated as they had been in pain for a few days, they added.
While an NGO official claimed he was kicked out of his home, his uncle denied the allegations and said the teenager went missing three days ago, after which a complaint was filed with of the police.
The uncle told PTI that he did not mistreat the boy, who had studied up to grade IX, and that he took care of him with the money he earned as a laborer, adding that he had taken the teenager to a hospital in Jabalpur a few months ago. for treatment.
Damoh Rural Police Station Deputy Deputy Inspector P Mishra said a missing complaint was filed on Saturday and efforts were underway to locate the boy.
Meanwhile, an NGO that gave him refuge took him to Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Medical College and Hospital (NSCBDMH) in Jabalpur on Saturday as part of his treatment for HIV.
“The boy was forced by his uncle to leave their house in Bijori village. He managed to come to Jabalpur by bus on Friday. We were alerted by people who saw him walking in pain of the stop local bus to NSCBDMH, “social activist Ashish said. Thakur of Moksha Sansthan told PTI.
His mother and father died after contracting HIV, Thakur said, adding that his relatives had been contacted to tell them he was present in Jabalpur. PTI COR LAL BNM

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