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Nagpur: For the first time, Bhandewadi Animal Shelter will be managed by the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). The move came after several years of failure by government and private agencies to improve the pitiful condition of the shelter.
The decision was made after the issue was raised at a recent meeting of various SPCAs in different cities. “Until now, the Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) would go out to tender and hand over the responsibility of running the shelter to NGOs or women’s self-help groups. At the recent meeting, we asked the senior officials to hand it over to the SPCA, ”said Karishma Galani, SPCA member and senior animal welfare activist.
Although the process of approving the SPCA to operate the civic organization shelter was difficult, it was completed. TOI learned that on Friday three doctors had also been appointed to the shelter.
A group of citizens from different walks of life also came together to cover the expenses of the shelter, until funds were given to the company. “People contribute in different forms – some provide rice, some processing fees or workers’ wages. So far, the shelter has been in a pitiful state, without proper hygiene, treatment and medical care, ”said Galani.
For several years, TOI has been reporting the poor condition of the refuge. Various complaints and protests have also taken place in this regard.
Now, with the SPCA resuming, animal lovers expect conditions to improve. “We plan to create an appropriate infrastructure at the shelter. A surgeon will also be appointed to perform operations, ”said Galani. If things fall into place, a gaushala could appear in Bhandewadi as well.
In recent times, the threat due to the increase in the stray dog ​​population is also leading to human-animal conflicts. Several cases of dog bite but also brutal cruelty to animals have also surfaced.
In this regard, the SPCA plans to launch animal birth control operations soon. “The control of the dog population in the city has become crucial. These problems arise because sterilization of stray animals stopped during the pandemic. The SPCA will soon be ensuring that operations begin soon, ”added Galani.
The other agenda of the committee also included ensuring a license for each animal facility, controlling illegal breeding, scientific implementation of sterilization, prevention of cases of animal cruelty and facilities for animal welfare.
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