“Industries will only progress when farmers are successful”

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The Agricultural and Rural Development Forum of the Vidarbha Industries Association (VIA) recently held a workshop on “Industry Contribution to Agricultural Economy Reforms” in Mahalgaon, Nagpur. The session was organized with the intention of informing farmers about government plans; marketing of agricultural products; progressive marketing; “Goushala – A boon for farmers”, agricultural tools and added value to the farm product. Shachi Mallick, Forum Coordinator, in her opening remarks briefed the participating farmers about VIA and its activities and how the Agriculture and Rural Development Forum is excited to help farmers by creating a service of assisting farmers and establishing links with government programs. . Suresh Rathi, President – VIA, in his welcome speech advised farmers to reap all the benefits of technology and advancement in knowledge. In addition, he said that farmers should use the latest information and make every village an “Adarsh ​​village”. He also suggested that participants apply new methods of farming practices on their farms, so that the next generation of farming families would be interested in continuing the agricultural work of their ancestors. RB Goenka, vice president of VIA shared his concepts for minimizing the cost of inputs in agriculture, the importance of water harvesting. He said industries also depend on farmers and industries can only advance if farmers are successful.

Agro & Rural Development Forum will provide the necessary platform for farmers to support their growth. He also explained the added value to agricultural products such as mango pulp, Jamun pulp, etc. to get more value for their harvest. Pranjal Wagh, Sarpanch from Kadholi Village, appreciated Agro Forum’s efforts to lead and bring together experienced speakers and agro-entrepreneurs under one roof to improve and dispel farmers’ doubts. She advised young people and farmers to make the most of the sessions and take charge of VIA’s expert speakers and cultivate more value added to their crops as well as produce good organic crops on their farms. Pragati Gokhale, founder and mentor for the “Mera Mobile Mera Marketing” mission explained the marketmirchi.com portal and showed the practical demonstration with examples of its use. She said that this portal is an initiative for Indian farmers to sell products online completely for free. Indigenous and responsive MarketMirchi.com web portal highlights all rural and agricultural categories for free digital marketing of rural and agricultural products, SHG (self-help group) products, rural services and rural jobs. This portal is completely mobile responsive.

She said farmers are experts in growing good quality crops, but if they learn how to market their own produce, they will get more profit. Manjusha Raut, Taluka Krishi Adhikari, briefed farmers on the online application process for various government programs for the agricultural sector. Dr Jugalkishor Agrawal, project coordinator, shared information and presented the various agricultural tools and instruments used to improve the agricultural economy with the support of industries. He also advised and shared details of goat and poultry breeding projects. Finally, he gave a practical demonstration of the variety of agricultural implements available to save energy with the physical efforts of farmers. Om Jajodia, President of the VIA Agro & Rural Development Forum, spoke about the importance of cattle breeding. Dr Kirti Sirothiya, Kiran Gokhale, Amogh and all members of the forum have worked hard for the success of this program. Dr Jugalkishor Agrawal summed up the session and proposed a formal vote of thanks. Laxmikant Padoli, director of the Neem Foundation, Ravindra Nikase, Sarpanch – Nihigaon; Shyamrao Sheshrao Aajode, Sarpanch – Kapsi were present.

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