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Woodward County Commissioners considered interest rates, earnings and due dates on the county’s accounts at their meeting Monday morning.

County Treasurer Kim Bowers provided a list of all accounts and the interest they earn, which District 2 Commissioner Clint White prepared in a spreadsheet.

“We have $ 22,370,104 in accounts earning significantly less than what could have been earned in our ICS (Insured Cash Sweep) account,” said Clint White. “If the funds that were invested (were) in lower (interest) accounts… the county could have earned an additional $ 36,122.12.”

Eleven CDs were opened at 0.4 percent interest, when the money could have gone to 0.7 percent, but Bowers chose to just leave them and let them roll.

“I think taxpayers deserve to know how much additional interest the county can earn if it were invested,” said Clint White.

District 1 Commissioner Troy White said he believes there are plenty of opportunities to gain much more interest in the county.

“Me and the board and I’m sure the taxpayers will appreciate this,” said Troy White. “I appreciate that you have put this data together, because it is a large amount of data, but it is clear. “

Commissioners reviewed several certificates of compliance for the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA)

The OMMA renewal applications for Whitehead Pharms and the certificates for Petal Acres, LLC and Willow Green LLC were all filed for lack of documentation.

The Board of Directors reviewed the documentation from AC Farms, the OMMA’s renewal of Incorporation for 161 acres in Section 35 T22N R21W and the County Clerk issued the usual letter.

Commissioners approved low offers for county-wide emulsion and grader blades and bolts for six months, opened last week.

The Board of Directors approved the disposal of the Pemberton Recycling Station and Pemberton Fork Set for District 1. According to Troy White, these were old items he had never seen and had to go. ‘somehow figured on the district inventory list.

A revised District 2 Emergency Transportation and Working Capital (ETR) program has been approved for EW 51, starting at NS 208 and extending 4 miles to NS 212.

After the county officers’ meeting and discussion, the council again tabled the employee handbook for further consideration of accepting the employee waiver of a monthly amount instead of the flexible allowance.

An executive meeting was held to discuss employee issues. The board approved asking the director of human resources to draft a letter with instructions on maintaining the county’s portion of medical disability insurance until Dec. 22 and allowing employees to continue their voluntary benefits to their fresh.

The board approved an interlocal agreement with Sharon Mutual Public Schools to provide county-owned machinery and equipment needed to make improvements on school property.

County-wide six-month sealed offers for tires and crawler excavator services have been opened. K&S Tire and Direct Discount Tire offers have been submitted for aggregation. Cross Timber Construction’s only offer for crawler excavator services was accepted.

The maximum monthly road spending for June 2021 has been calculated at $ 254,342.17. The Court Clerk’s Monthly Records Management and Retention Report for July 1, 2021 has been approved at $ 31,529.51

A transfer of $ 15.90 credits from the Sheriff’s Seized Property Account to the Sheriff’s Forfeiture Account, accidentally placed in the wrong account, has been approved.

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