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KENNETT SQUARE – The community has come together in these final months of spring, summer and early fall through an ongoing initiative to open up the downtown core to more diners and clients.

Starting in the spring, the borough removed parking spaces to create a pedestrian walkway, allowing downtown restaurants to expand their outdoor dining areas along the sidewalks of East State Street between Union and Broad. .

The move benefited La Verona, Byrsa Bistro, Portabellos of Kennett Square and Verbena BYOB as previously reported as these businesses could serve more customers due to the outdoor dining expansion.

“The addition of the pedestrian walkway allowed Portabellos and other restaurants to extend outdoor seating on the sidewalk,” said Sandra Morris, owner of Portabellos of Kennett Square, alongside her husband, Brett. Hulbert. “It also created a lovely village atmosphere in the city center with people shopping, dining and taking in all that Kennett Square has to offer.”

In the future and weather permitting, there will be Thursday night street closures for restaurants and stores to create more opportunities for people to enjoy “our beautiful community,” Morris added.

“All of these creative solutions are a wonderful example of the Borough’s efforts to keep businesses thriving in these difficult times,” Morris said.

“We are very grateful for the continued support the Borough of Kennett Square provides to local restaurants and merchants,” Morris said.

The borough has also added a park in recent months to support other downtown businesses in addition to the community’s flagship restaurants.

The parklet and sidewalk extension were very well received by all members of the community, said Kennett Square Police Chief William Holdsworth.

“They have offered more extensive dining options to some of our businesses and added to the enjoyment of Kennett Square by our visitors,” Holdsworth said of the initiative.

As for what’s in store for East State Street next year, Holdsworth said it’s definitely something that will have to be decided by the borough council.

“While we have been successful through the pandemic, we have all seen that sometimes it takes a different approach or perspective to effectively find the solution to our problems,” Holdsworth said. “It was a great approach to support our businesses and give our residents and visitors a return to normalcy.”

Kennett Square is one of the most popular places to visit in Pennsylvania. The borough is located a few miles south of Longwood Gardens, which typically receives over a million visitors each year.

“Come support our restaurants and our businesses whenever you can,” Holdsworth said. “Remember we have a dinner every Thursday in town until the end of the year or when the weather doesn’t allow it.”

Kennett Square Police Chief added, “Our diversity is what helps us come together and gives us the opportunity to learn from each other. Kennett Square thrives on our diversity and the way we come together as a community. “

Historic Kennett organized the parklet initiative in the borough which began in 2020 when the pandemic closed.

“The parklet at the corner of State and S. Broad streets was built this spring as part of our Kennett Blooms program,” said Bo Wright, executive director of Historic Kennett.

“We have chosen several place design projects that would make Kennett a nicer and more welcoming place for residents and visitors. For example, the Genesis Alley plantings have been completely redesigned to offer seasonal interest and have grown beautifully throughout the summer, ”he said. “The parklet was meant to be just that, a beautiful and welcoming place for residents and visitors.”

Wright said the parklet was not designed to directly benefit businesses.

“It’s for the community. It has been used for coffee dates, book clubs, children’s birthday parties, staff lunches and more, ”he said.

There is hope to bring the initiative back in 2022.

“We hope to continue providing spaces for people to come together at Kennett and do more place design projects in Kennett,” Wright said. “We hope to bring Kennett Blooms back from April 2022.”

Wright said Longwood Gardens and Square Pear Gallery were both major sponsors of the Kennett Blooms program. He added that Hilltop Garden Design created the plantations around the parklet.

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