Kenya: IEBC candidates should protect the inviolability of the vote

With only a year to go until the next general election and we will soon be hearing loud music in the streets as the country’s political leaders once again come up with new tricks to gain the trust of the Kenyans they have lost over the years. of their previous term and get their votes.

We will see the same politicians come out of their offices and return to the people for re-election after five years of hibernation. For example, if you’re in the interior of the country, I’m sure the roads were impassable for more than half of the tenure of the current leaders we voted for; insecurity has been a daily labyrinth; water and food insecurity are almost permanent features; students drop out of school for lack of tuition fees; unemployment is rampant; and there are massive abuses of power and human rights.

Ironically, if we revisit the manifestos the leaders gave us, we see how selfish power has made them. It has become a culture in our country for politicians, whether in power or in the making, to manipulate voters, for example through propaganda and voter corruption on the eve of elections.

Voter corruption is the deliberate action taken against a registered voter by a aspiring politician or party agent for the purpose of buying their vote directly or indirectly or manipulating their initial decision on who is fit to vote. a particular political seat. It is so prevalent in society and, if left unresolved, the nation will continue to have the same recurring issues, voting under the same unethical incompetent corrupt leaders.

This is a problem that the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) needs to resolve urgently. In the ongoing interviews to hire the most suitable and qualified candidates, this is a concern that should be raised and those who qualify for the vacant positions on the commission should arm themselves with tangible and meaningful solutions to face the threat.

Kenyans need responsible, honest IEBC commissioners who care about the sanctity of the vote and other human rights.

Martin Echenje is a communication and public relations student at Maasai Mara University. [email protected]

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