Kenya Moore “had it for me” on RHUGT

Real Housewives: The Ultimate Girls’ Journey is only three episodes, but most viewers would safely assume that Singer Ramona directed most of the drama. Ramona now reveals that she felt kenya moore had taken it out for her while she was on the tropical island.

Leave it to singer Stinger to turn a relaxing trip to Turks and Caicos into a rowdy. In the first five minutes of the first episode, Ramona had already put her foot in his mouth and offended Kenya while on the private plane.

The real housewives of New York the star opened to Us weekly as she shared, “It’s pretty obvious that everyone knows Kenya and I have had a lot [of drama]. Ramona admitted that the two heads collided and perhaps caused the most drama.

Ramona insisted, “For some reason she had it for me. I mean, I’m going to break the fourth wall because we’re allowed to. The producers even said, ‘Wow, we never saw anyone. ‘one like that to someone. ”It was difficult for me because I can usually handle everything.

Fans of Real Housewives: The Ultimate Girls’ Journey I don’t quite agree with Ramona’s version and feel like she’s just messy. It didn’t help that Ramona called Kenya “Porsha” more than once.

Kenya wasn’t the only housewife Ramona had trouble with. The excuse also hurt Luann de Lesseps when she spoke about her relationship with her ex-husband, Tom D’Agostino Jr. Ramona told the outlet that everything came to a head when she decided to walk away from the table because she had “heard the story so many times and it had offended her.”

Ramona got off on the wrong foot with just about everyone on the trip, but her bad behavior wasn’t necessarily unexpected. Season 13 of RHONY showed the 64-year-old in a bad light after she found herself grappling with racism allegations against Eboni K. Williams.

Fans will recall that Ramona was investigated by Bravo and a third party company for racist charges. Information has come to light that Eboni filed a complaint weeks before the meeting.

Kenya and Ramona may be tough on each other, but it looks like the case could be in favor of the beauty queen. The “Ramona Effect” helps Kenya to become more sympathetic in the eyes of the fans. The Ramona Coaster will continue to take viewers on an emotional journey for future episodes. Real housewives fans should buckle up as a precaution.

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