Kenya presidential election petition sends shockwaves to NSE

Kenya presidential election petition sends shockwaves to NSE

NAIROBI, September 1 (ONE-WAY) – The contested presidential results petition – presented to the Supreme Court of Kenya caused the Nairobi Stock Exchange to lose 10.5 billion shillings to close trading for the day at 2.14 trillion shillings last Tuesday.

Investors are watching the proceedings carefully, and the Supreme Court justices’ decision will take into account the disputed presidential results, which declared William Ruto president-elect.

Independent Elections and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) Chairman Wafula Chebukati has been in the spotlight as the lawyer for lead petitioner Raila Odinga, and six others said he deliberately ignored the law and abrogated the role of the commission with a plan to compromise the election.

The legal team of the Azimio La Umoja – One Kenya coalition led by Governor of Siaya, James Orengo, stressed that the process of verifying and counting the results of the presidential election is the responsibility of the commission and not the sole president.

“Mr. Chebukati’s role is to officially proclaim the presidential result and issue a certificate to the president-elect after the commissioners verify and tabulate the results from the polling stations,” Orengo explains.

Mr Odinga wants the presidential results to be annulled and the dismantling of the electoral body which will see Kenyans waiting longer for the next president to take office.

Vice-President Juliana Cherera and three commissioners distanced themselves from Ruto’s declaration as president-elect, citing that they were not involved at the very end of the process.

They further claimed that Mr. Chebukati failed to count and verify the results of 27 constituencies, which raised doubts about the outcome of the presidential election.

However, Chebukati defended himself, saying chaos erupted at Kenya’s Bomas national tally center before the 27 constituency results were announced.

According to Willis Otieno for activist Khelef Khalifa, one of the petitioners, “How absurd can this be? The commissioners were relegated from their primary function, which the president took over.

The legal expert alluded to the fact that the IEBC system had been tampered with from the start and that the problem at the IEBC, especially Mr. Chebukati, was systemic.

He asked the court to make the appropriate orders for an action against the president of the IEBC.

Willis, “Mr. Chebukati took no corrective action and went ahead and conducted the election the way it was,” he said, noting that the president never taken into account the recommendations made by the court after the elections were canceled in 2017. Mr. Chebukati, Professor Yakub Guliye, and Molu Boya are the only commissioners who participated in the general elections of 2017, and they did nothing to improve the electorate, as ordered by the Supreme Court following the annulment of the results of the last presidential elections.

He also hinted that “these were the only commissioners who got the kits and the only ones who disagreed. The court must make the appropriate orders. It’s time we showed Chebukati that we can’t interfere with the will of the people. Why should the people suffer from anxiety after every election?

The seven highest court justices have heard that the lack of transparency in counting and verifying the results is eroding public confidence in the election.


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