KENYA: Two water dams for irrigation of agricultural land in Migori

As drought continues to plague Kenya, Migori County is launching the construction of two irrigation dams to expand its agriculture. The Siabai earthen dam will be located in the Kuria sub-county. The Otati dam will be located in Nyatike. The Siabai earth dam will be able to store 97,106 m3 some water. According to the Migori County government, the facility will provide water to smallholder farmers in Kuria East and Transmara. These farmers mainly produce sweet potatoes. According to the governor of Migori Zachary Obado, the construction of the future water reservoir will require an investment of about 36 million Kenyan shillings, or about $ 331,000.

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In Nyatike sub-county, the reservoir of the new dam will have a gross volume of 97,430 m3. The water will serve the inhabitants of Gwasi and Kanyasi. This other project will cost approximately 33 million Kenyan shillings (approximately $ 303,100). “In addition to irrigation, the two dams will improve the water supply for poultry and dairy farming. The installations will also help to preserve the soil which has been severely affected by runoff and reduce the flooding that afflicts Nyatike ”, said Zachary Obado, the governor of Migori County.

Local authorities are carrying out the work as part of the National Inclusive Agricultural and Rural Growth Project of $ 219 million (Ksh 24 billion) (Narigp), funded by the World Bank. Initiated by the central government of Kenya, the five-year project aims to increase the agricultural profitability of rural communities in several counties. Narigp is implemented by local governments.

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