Kenyans rush for vaccines as COVID-19 cases rise

The number of Kenyans vaccinated against COVID-19 has increased dramatically following a spike in new infections, the health ministry said on Thursday.

At least 20,000 Kenyans are being vaccinated daily across the East African country, up from an average of 3,000 over the past three months when infections plummeted.

The ministry said it vaccinated 24,798 people on Wednesday and on Tuesday, 23,514 received the shots, according to the ministry.

So far, the country has vaccinated 18.3 million citizens, including 16.5 million adults, the ministry noted.

Since March, vaccination has slowed, but a rise in the number of new cases to 202 from a sample of 2,787 on Thursday has rattled citizens.

On Wednesday, the country recorded 218 positive cases, the highest in recent times, out of a sample of 3,317, said Mutahi Kagwe, the cabinet secretary for health. The total number of confirmed cases in Kenya now stands at 326,217.

The government has asked citizens to wear masks in public places and get vaccinated following the sharp rise in cases.

“We are urging Kenyans to wear their masks. We are concerned that the COVID-19 numbers will increase,” said Francis Kuria, Director of Public Health at the Ministry of Health recently.

When some COVID-19 mandates were lifted in March, Kenya was recording less than five positive cases a day.

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