Latest CDC data shows COVID levels in the state’s community continue to decline; NKY counties in yellow zone

By Tom Lateck
kentucky today

The latest Kentucky COVID-19 community level map, which is released weekly based on data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, shows a drop in the number of counties that have a high community level.

The community levels map shows by county whether the level of COVID is green for low levels, yellow for medium levels, and red for high levels, which the CDC says is designed to help individuals and communities decide preventive measures to be taken according to hospitalizations and cases.

The August 12 map showed 79 red counties, 30 yellow and 11 green, while the map released August 19 reduced the number of red counties to 73, with 38 yellow and nine green. Going back to July 29, there were 80 red counties and the rest were yellow. No county was green in this report.

The three NKY counties of Boone, Campbell and Kenton are in the yellow (medium) zone.

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“Hopefully we’re seeing a plateau or even a decline in many communities,” Governor Andy Beshear said. “Several counties have returned to low COVID-19 community levels, although we still have more red than we ever want to see.”

He said there is still a recommendation for the wearing of masks, “especially by those at high risk of severe COVID-19 illness, in indoor public spaces in reading areas.”

Beshear added: “The first thing you can do to prevent serious illness is get vaccinated, get boosted and, if you’re eligible, get that second booster.”

For more details and advice, go to COVID-19 website.


Although the US government declared monkeypox a public health emergency earlier this month, there has been only a slow increase in cases in Kentucky.

The first case was detected in the state in late June, and since then the statewide total has risen to 18 on Friday, an increase of seven since last week, according to the CDC. That compares to 14,115 cases nationwide, up from more than 3,300 in the past seven days.

“To reduce the risk to individuals,” the governor said, “individuals should avoid close contact with partners who have rashes or sores. Anyone who is concerned about having symptoms or has been exposed to the smallpox virus monkey should see their health care provider right away.”

See this NKyTribune article on the NKY Health Department’s monkeypox vaccine and to schedule a vaccine.

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