Netflix’s Maid Ending Explained

“Maid” is ultimately about three people trying to improve themselves – Alex, Paula and Sean. As Alex finally gets what she wants, a chance to make a fresh start without Sean, she doesn’t get everything she wants – Paula breaks her promise to come with her (more details below) . But Alex is also fully aware that her journey has only just begun. As she tells her group of writers, even though she has a scholarship, she still gets by with government help and will still have to work part-time as a housekeeper. “A lot of people would bet against a single mom going to college,” Alex tells her group.

The end of the Season 1 finale is full of moments that show how Alex has made progress, but there is still a long way to go. She returns a cashmere sweater that she “borrowed” from a wealthy client. The customer tells him to keep it, but Alex refuses, vowing to earn enough to buy one. But when the customer notes the price, $ 1,400, Alex takes the sweater. Working hard for a living is an honorable goal, but sometimes we all need help, and there is nothing wrong with taking it.

Then there’s Alex and Maddy’s hike to the top of the mountain overlooking Missoula. As Alex notes via the voiceover, the trail is long and zigzagging, and the hike will be tough, but the end goal of reaching the top is worth it, as is Alex’s journey to a better life. At the top of the mountain is a giant “M” which Alex tells his daughter means “Maddy”. This is obviously not true, but so is it. Sometimes we have to indulge in a little imagination because it keeps us going.

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