Opening of New Jersey medical practice designed to accommodate members of the LGBTQ community

A medical office opens today in New Jersey, intended to welcome members of the LGBTQ community.

Virtua Health is launching Pride Primary Care in Marlton, something personal for doctors like Shanin Gross.

“Right now the LGBTQ community is feeling very tense,” Gross says.

They hope that such a practice will help them.

“Having a practice that is affirming and safe and celebrates you as a person and not just as a patient,” Gross says.

Make it more likely that a person will be engaged in their health care. The focus is on care that affirms a person’s gender identity – HIV testing, treatment and other general needs. For some, it fills a void.

“Usually we have to cross the bridge or search in urban areas, but for those of us in our suburban communities to have a pride organization and practice like this in our own backyard, it’s fine. really far,” said Shane Lipscomb, of Medford.

He says he was taking a drug that helps prevent HIV. Doctors aren’t always well informed, but this time it’s different.

“You are with these doctors, Dr Gross, Dr Levine – who have had the same experiences similar to you who can recognize that.”

They say it’s part of a cultural shift in South Jersey.

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