Pandemic Life Two other work modules open in New Town

Startups looking for affordable office space now have two more options in New Town.

Hidco’s first Happy Works work package opened in August, across from Coal Bhavan. On Friday, two more doors opened. One is opposite Eco Park’s Seven Wonders attraction while the second is next to Sankalpa 2, a short walk from Biswa Bangla Gate.

Pods are co-working spaces that allow users to bring their laptops and sit at desks separated by transparent dividers. Wifi and air conditioning are on the house but you have to pay for food and snacks. In winter, one can even sit on the open-air stairs outside of one-story buildings. The bright yellow design and color scheme is common to all three modules, but two new features have been added to the new spaces.

A conference room has been added to the two new work modules based on customer feedback from the first module

“From user feedback, we realized that in addition to the individual workspace, there was a need for a seating arrangement that allows for group discussions,” said Debashis Sen, Director General de Hidco, who inaugurated the two spaces on November 26. “So in addition to 11 individual seating positions, we are offering nine seats in a conference room configuration.

Hours have also been extended. “Users pointed out that 10:00 a.m. – it was when the first capsule opened – was too late for those working on the stock exchange. So we decided to open the pods at 9 a.m. instead, ”Sen said, adding that the attendance for the first pod has now reached 500.

“We built the modules in different residential areas so that people living in New Town can easily access them. But we also saw people coming from Salt Lake, Lake Town and Dum Dum, ”Sen said.

The units will be managed by a self-help group, Banani, under the direction of the Kolkata Society for Cultural Heritage. “The problem of affordable offices is a real problem for start-ups. We have faced it ourselves and therefore we are committed to helping others overcome the problem. Eight start-ups have already registered with us and we will contact others, ”says the president of the company, Sourav Mukherjee.

The rent per seat at the pods for the first 90 minutes is Rs 30 and now Rs 20 per hour, but monthly arrangements can also be made. The conference room is available at Rs 200 per hour. A library corner offers books to browse at the pod itself, and there is a charge for food and snacks, photocopying, and printing. The hours are from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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