Resistant UTIs are common; US doubles monkeypox testing

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A study showed that many patients who presented to the emergency room with complicated UTIs were resistant to commonly used oral antibiotics.

Healio spoke to Thomas P. Lodise, PharmD, PhD, on the implications of the findings. It was the biggest story in infectious diseases last week.

The CDC recently announced that the US is doubling its testing capacity for monkeypox – part of a larger effort to curb the outbreak. Source: Adobe Stock

Another headline story was about the US doubling its monkeypox testing capacity. The news came a week after the CDC announced it was expanding access to vaccines to deal with the ongoing outbreak.

Read these articles and more about infectious diseases below:

UTI study finds high rates of resistance to common antibiotics

A study of nearly 150,000 patients who presented to the emergency room with complicated UTIs found that many were resistant to commonly used oral antibiotics, according to findings published in Open Forum on Infectious Diseases. Read more.

US doubles monkeypox testing capacity

U.S. monkeypox testing capacity will double, the CDC announced Wednesday. Read more.

Empirical use of gram-negative antibiotics is ‘inexplicably variable’ from hospital to hospital

According to a recent study published in Clinical infectious diseases. Read more.

BioFire Global Fever Panel Successfully Detects Common Pathogens Causing Acute Fever

According to a recent study, a one-hour sample-response molecular device successfully detected common causative pathogens of acute febrile illness with a high percentage of positive and negative concordance directly in whole blood. Read more.

Recommended baseline testing rates for patients entering HIV care are ‘suboptimal’

The rates at which patients who start HIV care receive recommended tests are ‘suboptimal’, but were higher among those who started care at a facility funded by the Ryan White HIV/AIDS program, found Researchers. Read more.

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