SERP Trains 2,359 SHG Women Like Pashumitras

Hyderabad: The Society for the Eradication of Rural Poverty (SERP) trained 2,359 women from the self-help group and positioned them as Pashumitras, which is purely a self-employment program.

Livestock (dairy/goats and sheep/backyard poultry) is a critical source of livelihood for the rural poor, especially women in Telangana. Telangana State is endowed with abundant livestock resources that provide employment to the most vulnerable rural households, largely landless, marginal farmers, especially in SC and ST communities. However, poor farmers were not getting the desired production levels from their livestock due to lack of knowledge on improved management practices both in the feeding and herding areas and there is also a serious lack of availability of veterinary services.

As part of the livelihoods intervention, SERP promoted livestock-based livelihoods through state and central projects in rural areas with the aim of empowering women in SHGs and to create additional and sustainable incomes for SHG women from PoP, SC and ST families with essential upstream and downstream elements. linkages (small ruminant value chain).

As a result, SERP conducted training programs on veterinary health first aid services for interested SHG members with a minimum 10th class qualification and trained 2,359 female SHGs. they do not receive any fees from the SERP. According to officials, this year 2022-23, SERP has planned to train 1,250 SHG women from villages identified by TSLDA where there is no availability of minimum veterinary health services. Now, SERP has started a six-day training for SHG women with 60 members per group on veterinary first aid services.

The training courses would be supported by the teachers of the subjects concerned as well as by subject specialists from the Veterinary and Animal Husbandry Department. The training cost per candidate is Rs.7,500. Supply of bags with medicine and equipment kit is Rs. 2,500. The certificate would be issued to the Pashumitras upon completion of the training.

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