Stratford community rallies after primary school burglary

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) – Four teenagers broke into Mary Ann Elementary School in Stratford over the weekend.

The results were a few broken digital cards, televisions, and a few other items.

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Damage has been reported at at least $100,000 so far.

The teenagers broke in through a maintenance hatch on the roof, which is now locked at each school and will be checked weekly.

Stratford ISD Superintendent Dr Paul Uttley says while it happened he is grateful the community has come together to help clean up the mess they have caused.

“It was amazing that labor started that evening around 1 o’clock, the community responded and our staff responded, and that’s what makes Stratford special,” said Dr Paul Uttley.

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The damage spread throughout the school, with many classrooms having their projects destroyed and digital signs smashed with weights.

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The community reunited on Monday after a Facebook post.

“We had an army of volunteers who showed up. People brought Gatorade and donuts to the volunteers. It was “we are here as a community of Stratford to help Stratford ISD in times of need and it was fantastic and that is what makes us all proud to be from Stratford,” said Dr Paul Uttley.

The school is grateful to the community and all the help they have given to get the school back on its feet.

Dr Paul Uttley says they are currently working on replacing all fixtures and floors before the start of the school year next month.

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