The First Lady of Kenya will continue to engage in charity through Beyond Zero

First Lady Margaret Kenyatta has pledged to continue to engage in charity work through her Beyond Zero initiative beyond her tenure as First Lady of the Republic of Kenya.

The First Lady said Beyond Zero will continue to leverage its partnerships to address gender inequalities, maternal health, and support for children with disabilities and other vulnerable groups.

“We must embrace ideas and innovation, learn from each other, apply local and sustainable solutions, so that we can continue to avoid the risks that our women, our youth, our marginalized and our vulnerable face face. And I really look forward to serving this because long after my run as First Lady is over,” the First Lady assured.

Meanwhile, First Lady Margaret Kenyatta noted that tremendous progress had been made in her 10 years of advocacy for the eradication of maternal deaths, stereotypes and social stigma of people living with HIV/ AIDS and other forms of ill health.

“That’s why today I’m here to assure you that I will continue to deliver on the promise I made 10 years ago. Because we recognize that there is a lot of work to be done to support women, children and vulnerable communities.

“The journey is long and we are far from complete. The world needs more dedicated heads, hands and hearts to make it happen,” she said.

The First Lady who spoke Thursday evening at State House in Nairobi at a ceremony to mark 10 years of the Beyond Zero initiative and the recent establishment of the Margaret Kenyatta Institute for Gender and Social Development, said her charity work over the decade was defined by a desire to ensure that no Kenyan woman died in childbirth.

Once again, First Lady Margaret Kenyatta thanked Beyond Zero partners, Kenyans and supporters around the world for their unwavering support over the years, and rallied them to continue supporting her efforts towards a greater social justice and equity for vulnerable communities.

“Recommit yourself, with me, to the cause of equality between men and women. Recommit yourself, with me, to the cause of eliminating childbirth deaths. Recommit, with me, to ensuring that every child with a disability can lead as independent and productive a life as possible,” the First Lady said.

The First Lady said Beyond Zero will continue advocacy for the eradication of obstetric fistula, the elimination of cervical cancer and the sustainability of the Linda Mama maternal health program as well as the strengthening of universal health coverage (CSU) through its nursing scholarship fund.

Additionally, the First Lady said she would continue to be involved in renovating health centers across the country, supporting children with disabilities and ending harmful cultural practices in her role as Patron of the Margaret Institute. Kenyatta for gender and social development.

“The fundamental purpose of the Institute – to respond to the emerging importance of gender and social development – resonates with the inspiration of Beyond Zero’s work, as well as with my own belief in accelerating our work for the “gender equality and breaking down social barriers that prevent women and girls from reaching their full potential. These are values ​​and virtues embedded in the legacy of my work over the past 10 years,” she said. declared.

Noting that the country’s health sector had seen tremendous progress over the past 10 years, the First Lady regretted that the Covid-19 pandemic had interrupted the implementation of Beyond Zero programs.

“Covid-19 stole two years of our work. Our destiny seemed to follow a difficult path. What kept me going, through this difficulty and others, was the remarkable spirit of resilience and courage without milestones I have seen in my work time and again I have seen Kenyans rise up, unite in solidarity and solve some of the toughest problems imaginable,” the First Lady said.

She added: “It inspired me more than I can say, and I ask you today to keep that example in mind, as we rededicate ourselves to overcoming the challenges that remain.”

Speaking at the event, Civil Service CS Professor Margaret Kobia praised President Kenyatta for his leadership role in supporting the charity work of First Lady Margaret Kenyatta, citing the involvement of the Head of the state in marathons, anti-FGM mobilization and International Women’s Day activities, among others.

Professor Kobia said the charitable activities of First Lady Margaret Kenyatta had given her ministry a valuable platform to achieve its mandate through the promotion of equal opportunity, gender equality, equity and diversity.

She said Kenya‘s gender gap had narrowed significantly during President Kenyatta’s 10 years in office, in part thanks to the First Lady’s Beyond Zero charity work, and cited the country’s win at the African Gender Award as a demonstration of progress.

For its part, Health CS Mutahi Kagwe hailed First Lady Margaret Kenyatta for championing the Universal Health Coverage (UHC) pillar of President Kenyatta’s Big 4 Agenda development plan.

The Health CS further commended the First Lady for establishing the Margaret Kenyatta Institute for Gender and Social Development, saying the institution will immortalize the values ​​and thinking she had in the Beyond Zero initiative.

Other speakers at the event, attended by several national leaders including former First Lady Mama Ngina Kenyatta, Mrs. Ida Odinga, Governor of Kisumu, Prof. Anyang Nyong’o, and Chairman of Maendeleo ya Wanawake Rahab Mwikali Mwiu, were the Chief of Staff of the Office of First Lady Constance Gakonyo and the CEO of the National AIDS Control Council, Ruth Masha, among others.

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