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Welcome to Week 2 of the SELF New Years Challenge and get ready for a full upper body and arm workout! We’ll get right to the heart of the matter to start your second day of upper body training: supersets.

Supersets are a popular weight training mod that allows you to get more work done in less time than if you were doing straight sets – where you would do your work period, rest, do another set, rest again, etc. . With supersets, you combine two exercises with minimal rest in between, then rest longer after both are completed.

There are a number of ways you can design superset exercises. You can work opposing muscle groups (like your chest and back, or your biceps and triceps). This is a great method for large compound exercises (think rows and push-ups, like in the workout below) where you’re really looking for strength, because while you’re working one muscle group, the other has strength. possibility to rest. This will allow you to start your second exercise in the superset feeling quite fresh.

You can also perform superset movements that work the same muscle group rather than opposing movements. This is called a compound set, and an example would be a chest press and a chest fly. The compound tires the same muscle group, without letting it rest and recharge, so you probably wouldn’t be able to lift as much weight as you normally would if you were doing these exercises separately.

Today’s supersets will match your back and chest and different parts of your shoulders. Now that you’re in week two of this challenge, we’ve added some specific moves that work your rear deltoids, the small muscles at the back of your shoulder. This muscle is often overlooked, but it is very important not only for your posture – it helps you pull your shoulders back and avoid hunching over – but also to help stabilize your shoulders so that you can lift safely.

In this upper body dumbbell workout, and in all that follow throughout the challenge, your first superset will be the one that is really strength-oriented – the ones that work large, opposing muscle groups. Your second superset will consist of smaller muscle groups.

Then you’ll complete this superset strength workout with an optional finisher of an isolation movement – a bicep exercise to really target your arms.

Keep scrolling for more details on how to do upper body and arm workout today. And when are you done? You might want to set aside time for those great upper body stretches, which can alleviate some of the pain you may feel after a workout in a hard-to-reach place. Arm workouts can be especially strenuous, especially at the start of your exercise journey (or a challenge like this!) – but the key to getting into your comfort zone is to dive straight in and take it right. care for your body after the job is done. .

The training below is for day 8 of the New Year’s Challenge. Check out the full four week workout program on the right here. Or go to the training calendar here. If you want to sign up to receive daily emails for this challenge, you can do so here. (edited)


Aim for 8 to 12 reps per exercise. Rest for up to 30 seconds between exercises. At the end of the turn, rest for 60 to 90 seconds. Complete 2-4 rounds in total. Repeat for Superset 2.


Superset 1

  • Row folded to one arm
  • Inclined pumps

Superset 2

  • Side elevation
  • One-arm quadruped rear elevation


After your last lap, try the bonus move for 60 seconds.

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